Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Happy Valentines day too all you lovely people. One of my favourite holidays and once again no one celebrates it here!! This day was also great because my dear companion was born 20 years ago!! So we celebrated her, valentines, and of course the Saviour!!

This week was a really powerful one. I learned so much more about the restoration. We were able to watch that movie with paige and my testimony on the Prophet Joseph Smith just grew so much. Such incredible people those saints were and all that they went through. As we watched that I was focusing on the women. Especially the wives of Joseph Smith and Hyrum and all that they went through as well. They had so much love and respect for their husbands and their husbands for them. It was just incredible to see their relationship and see how people truly should be treated. Sister Lott and I of course listened to a talk yesterday called "eternal love" (yes we had to) But part of it talked about how we should look to the prophets and see how they love their wives. Such a testimony building moment and im grateful for all the people who have given me an example to look up to and what I want for my future. 

I also wanted to talk about the love of our Heavenly Father. He loved all of us so much that he sent his only Son, Jesus Christ. Here to earth to suffer for all of us. I cant even imagine what it was like for either of them to do what they did. But they did it because of the love that they have for us. I hope all of you apply that love to your life and truly understand your worth and how much you are loved and cared for.

Have a great week! Be happy! Do something good!!
Sister Boiteux!


Took paige out with us! Her first time with the sisters as a member :)

The district!

When the garths drop off the car!! Blessings we were so happy. Funny story: this use to be our zone leaders car and they so happened to crash it... So they got a new car and this beauty was sent in to get fixed. We needed a car and they sent us this one.. Haha snowflake is now ours and the elders arent too happy :)

Our Valentines Day/ Sister Lott day celebration!

Trying to be as awesome as my mum on valentines day!

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