Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sister "Ummmm..."

Hello Hello!!!
This week was interesting. It started of good we got fed twice. Which is unheard of I guess. People must know that i love food so they fed us. Then after that nothing. Thursday up was so hard. People that we wanted to see weren't home. Their back ups weren't home. Their back ups weren't home and so on. Or if they were home (doors were open) we would yell in and they wouldn't come or they would turn us away. So we would go and TWE (talk with everyone) haha this was funny. We would talk to people and they would just shut us down hard. Or they would see us and avoid eye contact and hurry across the street. I shower every morning so i hope i don't smell to bad. I guess a 19 and 23 year old girl really scares people. Interesting. This week though i learned to love my companion. I really have to understand to be humble and have charity or we cant work well together. So I learned to love her and shes great. Funny story she is a scary driver... almost hit a rabbit one day. Then she had a rough night and we were driving home and she hit a possum. hahahhahaha (don't tell her i told you all). Even though people weren't home and we drove around with no where to go we really saw the miracles the Lord gives to us as missionaries. We would visit someone who wasn't home then there was a random person on the street we talked to and got a return appointment with!! AMAZING!! Just little miracles make us so happy and i just know he loves and cares for each and every one of us. I was supposed to talk on Sunday then President Himiona changed his mind and i just bore my testimony. Funny thing no one can say my last name. So Brother Tua went up and said "Sister Ummm... Cant say her french last name. Is going to come and introduce herself." I laughed so hard and president calls me Sister Bowtoo, and the DL calls me Sister Botox. So life is great.

Something i learned that i absolutely loved is found in 2 Nephi 9. One of the versus talks about us enduring the crosses of the world. That hit me hard. Because a mission, or life is not easy we all know that. But as Elder Holland would say "Salvation isn't a cheap experience." Why would it be easy for us if it was never easy for Christ? Keep enduring keep on carrying the cross and do as Jesus would do. Come to know the Savior not just know about. I promise it will bless you all so much. It is so incredible to look for something positive that the Lord blessed you with that day. He truly loves each and every one of us. Learn how to love him back and serve him with everything you have. Life will always be hard but we are never alone.

Love you heaps!
Sister Boiteux

P-Day Pictures at Rainbow Falls:


Sister Boiteux with her magical Pawpaw ointment to help with flea bites! Wahoo!

The rocks that remind her of the "Love Experts" from the movie Frozen

Their mission car they call "Flow"... Look at that view!

Matauri Bay church building

"A necklace Brother Tua made me. The hook means provider, gospel for right now and family later, the four shells represent the four standard works, and the top has a face which represents me and the shell above that represents God. Pretty cool aye?"

"The view!! We arent allowed on the beach so we got to the line of temptation and stayed on the grass hahahaha. Dont tell president ;) jokes."