Monday, August 10, 2015

Week 2

Everyone! This week was seriously an emotional roller coaster, man this companionship is a hot mess. I leave for the mission field tomorrow and couldn't be more excited... or scared! It will be great to get out of this place. And make my own food... We have spaghetti for breakfast its weird! and unhealthy. I miss the Wilsons they would always take the food I didn't eat and put it in their napkins to throw away haha they are so funny. We had a great experience this week of going to the temple! I also got to meet president going so that was cool. I miss the temple and my streak of going every week for almost a year is now officially over. I am grateful I did that it has taught me so much about the gospel. I challenge you all to go. Especially the youth make the time to go it is worth it. The blessings will come. If you're not worthy get worthy and participate in this great work that needs to be done.
Another thing I am so grateful for is the priesthood. I got pretty sick this weekend and the pain was terrible. So one of my teachers and President Waetford gave me a priesthood blessing and i was sentenced to bed. No worries I didn't need to go to the hospital I just had to talk to a doctor. It was hard to get through classes but I did it. Faith in Christ and the priesthood works miracles. I hope every man who is a member of the church is striving to be worthy of the priesthood he holds. And when someone needs a blessing that you are willing to step up and give one. I cant wait to have a worthy priesthood holder who can bless my family. It is a wonderful thing and I hope you all are striving to have it or are worthy to hold it.
Blonde moment of the week: I was straightening my hair with my companions straightener and I put it down then we heard a pop... and the converter started smoking hahahhaha. It was the scariest and funniest thing.
Then I found my sewing kit!! Sister Tilini and I tried to open it and were pulling as hard as we can and it wouldn't budge.. We realized that the sides were taped haha. Were great!
I love you all and be prepared for pictures next week!!
Love you lots!
Sister Boiteux
also forgot to say. There's a few French elders here and I always ask them to say my last name cause they say it right.  SO one said "Sister Boiteux... Boiteux means a man with a limp" Then he started to limp away. Now when they see me they say "Hi sister Boiteux!" then start laughing and walk away. I don't get why its so funny. I try to talk back to them but they don't understand me. When they do they yell out a word they understood then laugh again. So I will just provide the entertainment for them I guess. Ok that's all. Love you heaps.

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