Sunday, August 9, 2015

Week 1

(Written 2 August 2015)
The first week is pretty much done!! Only one more week left and I'm out of this celestial prison! No the MTC rocks it is a spiritual feast every single day. I am known as Sister Buytwo, Sister B, and the pickiest eater out of all the missionaries. Shocker right? Haha my district rocks. The Elders are two immature boys who just graduated so I feel like I'm with Blake and CJ but it brings joy to my life. We also have a senior couple in our district, the Wilsons!! I absolutely love them. They pretty much really enjoy watching me eat every meal because I haven’t tried a lot, but I actually like a lot of the food… Except the sausage. Such a nasty piece of meat. Every time I hear the word spongy I think of the sausage we had for dinner. I had to force it down because Sister Gibson (Presidents wife) makes us eat every piece of food we get because we are wasting tithing money when we throw it away. So when she sits by us it’s the scariest thing ever. I wish that I could tell you everything I have learned, but I cant because it’s a lot. We taught our first investigator. When she asked a question the first thing I thought was “Why am I on a mission? This is hard and I know nothing.” My companions and me were pretty discouraged. We were sitting in class and our teacher Sister Niutua pretended to be an investigator and thought that we worship Joseph Smith. We asked her whose name is on our name tag. Well the answer is Jesus Christ. It just hit me. I shouldn’t be discouraged I shouldn’t feel inadequate the Savior is here for me. Always.
So I'm going to ask you, What are you going to let the Spirit teach you today? How are you going to grow closer to the Savior? Life is hard I know. Being a missionary is hard and I only just began but its worth it. The Savior is on our side. The spirit is going to help us know the truths all we have to do is study and pray for it. Obedience brings success, Exact Obedience brings blessings. Know him. Love him. Serve him. Life will be great. The best part of the day is putting my name tag on and knowing I'm representing Jesus Christ. I love the Gospel and am so excited to be done here at the NZ MTC.
Love you all. Keep on keeping on.

Sister Boiteux

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