Sunday, August 16, 2015

Week 3

Hello my beloved people from America!
This week has been really great. To start off I am in Kaikohe!!!! It is the most northern part of New Zealand and it is absolutely beautiful. Pictures dont do it justice. My trainer is Sister Ottley from Highland Utah. She has legit been out 6 weeks.. Why president trusts us together.. I dont know haha i must have done something right in that interview, she is pretty sure i will be training in 6 weeks too cause that happened to her trainer as well so we will see. She is really great though. So much work is to be done in the North part and its hard. There arent enough people for wards so were in two branches. One branch 46 out of 74 are less active and in the other 5. 5 out of 92 are active!! It is crazy! So intimidating but hopefully we can help some people. We are about 5 hours from Auckland and have been driving back and forth all week. Saturday was Time Out for women so Sister Dalton, Sister Turley, Sister Swinton, Brad Wilcox, and David Archuleta were all there and we got to meet some of them that was really cool and a great experience.. I SAW SISTER VOS!! Definitely started to cry when she said hi to me, then bawled when we said good bye but its ok hopefully i will see her again soon. 

So my Zone Leader is Elder Crane! I went to high school with him. Hahha so funny he is my ZL. I also saw Elder Murdock. Who happens to be in Miles homeward back in good old utah. So he saw me and informed me his ward knows a lot about me because they always talked about me... We decided they always teased Miles about me cause they are jealous snd im the standard every guy in their ward should have ;) hahaha jokes im not that great. But it was nice to see him and a few other Elders i knew before the mission. 

President and Sister Balli rock! I love them so much and am so grateful to be blessed with such an amazing mission president. The work is hard but its already worth it. 

After being in this area I have learned a lot about member missionary work and how important that is. Seriously i dont know how were going to do this unless the members help us. Yes it is scary to open our mouths and preach the gospel. But its worth it. I know when i was home i didnt care as much to help the missionaries, but man do we need it here. The members are starting to get better but its so sad how many less actives there are. All is well and i know its all in the Lords timing. I am loving being a missionary and am so grateful for this call.

love you all,
Sister Boiteux

Sheep! They are everywhere in NZ

                              The Christus Statue at the Hamilton NZ Temple Visitors Center

                Sister Boiteux with a fellow sister missionary who calls this the "Sister Boiteux" pose

               With Sister Soderberg, another sister in the mission. Look at that background!

   Sister Boiteux #2 found Sister Vos (a companion of Sister Boiteux #1) at Time Out for Women!       What a sweet tender mercy from the Lord!

 With her Mission mum Sister Balli!

 The trainer!

 With Elder Crane who Sister Boiteux went to high school with! He is now her Zone Leader

The Beautiful Scenery of New Zealand! AKA Paradise


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