Sunday, August 9, 2015

They Call Me Sister!!

(written 29 July 2015)
Hello loved ones back in America!! We arrived in New Zealand at like 5 in the morning and I'm pretty much exhausted but this place is beautiful. But it is FREEZING!!!! its clearly not summer anymore so hopefully my clothes will be good enough once I'm in the field. The flight was good but long. Haha i asked a lady from London if she wanted to meet with the missionaries when she got home and she said no. But we had a good discussion. We flew over here with 8 elders and 6 sisters. I have two companions! Sister Watters from Dallas, Texas and Sister Tilini from Tonga!! They are great and i cant wait to start teaching with them. For some odd reason we cant take pictures in the MTC. So maybe the next email you will get some. I feel so official having my name tag and I am so excited to learn how to teach the lessons and not butcher everything when I'm talking to people. The MTC President and his wife are super nice and I'm excited to get to work. We also get to go to the temple next Thursday!! So excited for that :) I do feel like I'm babysitting the elders at times especially the ones that just graduated... but its ok that's teaching me patience as well. I'M A MISSIONARY and i love it so much!
Love you all!
Sister Boiteux

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