Thursday, September 24, 2015

No sasa sisters... No sasa!!

Oh my this week was slow as. And hard. We now have 1 investigator because all of our others dropped us like it's hot. So that's depressing, but I have learned so much about who I want to be, who I want my husband to be, the missionary I need to be, and most importantly what the Lord expects of me and who he wants me to be right now on my mission. The District Leader called us one day and gave us this analogy "A kite can never fly until it hits a strong wind". Think about it. For this week my companion and I have been studying in Alma for personal and companion studies. Oh man I'm at my favorite part. Which of course is the STRIPLING WARRIORS!! Oh man we were like "Heavenly Father can we have a stripling warrior please?!" Then I thought "no I want to be a stripling warrior" That is the kind of missionary I want to be. In Alma 53-59 It talks about the stripling warriors and my mind was blown. Studying scriptures as a missionary is the greatest thing ever. There is so much I want to say about what I learned but I have no time today. 

But another thing I felt like sharing was an experience we had with Brother Cooper who is the Young Mens president. He is a champ. We had a rough day at church yesterday. Like big guilt trip/ reality check. Like seriously everything everyone said just made me want to cry because I know I can do so much better. We went over to Brother Coopers and talked with him. He had no idea what we were feeling but he asked us "Can you honestly say you live D&C 4?" Can we? That pierced the heart. We just got in the car and started to cry... Well I did. My companion cried when we got back to the flat haha. But really I evaluated the work I have been doing. Elder Crane said if we want to know where we stand with the Lord pray and ask Him. But be prepared because the answer is hard. So that's what I did and yesterday was my answer. Feeling the Lords disappointment is the hardest thing in the world. But there is always room for improvement, and we are excited to have a better week and remember our purpose as missionaries and be the best representatives of Christ. We can do more. We all can do more. Live D&C 4 and strive to serve the Lord. I love you all!

Oh and to explain the title of this email. We always tell the elders we're going to sasa them... And that's the answer we get back. Its an inside joke so just give me a courtesy laugh. 
Love you all heaps!
Sister Boiteux :)

Funny of the week: Elder Gerdes heads down to Auckland today then flies back to the US cause he's done... :( So we made him and Elder Crane lunch and he wanted Enchiladas. I make a dang good enchilada by the way... Then they had trade offs with the district leader and the next day we get a call from Elder Summers and Elder Blandford and they said "what do we have to do to get enchiladas?!?!" That was great because we have the power to make them do stuff. It's awesome! :)

"Brother Cooper!!! Such a great night taking him to lessons with us :) "

" The Cuniffs the cutest old deaf couple in our branch."

"When you have a good hair day and new zealand ruins it"

"Ironed Sister Tapuala's hair... straighteners dont work on poly hair haha. I only burnt her once!"

Monday, September 14, 2015

Lets Fill Up the Font!

Wow this week was absolutely incredible. We were able to invite two more people to be baptized and they both said YES!! It is such an amazing experience asking people to be baptized. The spirit was just yelling at me "Sister Boiteux ask her to be baptized, just do it! Fear God more than man!" So we have another baptism on the 31 of October and hopefully another one soon. It is great. We had a depressing lesson with an investigator though. His name is Craig and he is in his 30s we think. We went to teach him and he was somewhere else. Like on drugs somewhere else. Poor guy. He told us what he's been going through and he just doesn't know what to do. So of course we were like "you need the gospel". We were able to tell him a little bit more of what us as missionaries do and we have some incredible things for him to know. So much potential, he really is golden. It is amazing what happens when we as missionaries look at our investigators in white three times once for baptism, the temple, and the Celestial Kingdom. It truly makes you see them how Christ sees them. 

We had Zone Conference in Whanagarei on Friday. Oh my goodness what the Assistants and President and Sister Balli prepared for us was just jam packed with goodness. It was a spiritual feast. Something really stuck with me that President taught us. He gave an analogy about how much his watch was worth. Someone said $200 and he said no its worth more because Sister Balli gave it to him, so that increased the value. So the value of something we have is different for everyone. But our worth was so important to one person. Our worth is worth more than anything we could ever get in the world. And that person is Jesus Christ. He literally died for us. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT! Remember that when you are struggling and don't know what to do. Christ is always here for us and He knows exactly what we're going through. Something he also said was "I can commit you to do something and you can scream yes! But can your heart scream yes! to the Lord?" Think of that when you are challenged to do something. Loved ones can you scream yes to missionary work? Can you help someone, at least one person, come unto Christ? I know each of you can and will do incredible things if you just pray for those opportunities!

Something that also happened at Zone Conference was an ET.... Yes you all may be thinking "Sister Boiteux what did you do?!" But for once it wasn't my fault haha it wasn't even for my companionship. But I am now with Sister Tapuala and we cover a HUGE area like one of the biggest in the north, it's crazy. I am also the driver hehehe. But we cover KeriKeri, Waihou, Okaihou, and like 3 other parts over here. So we have work to do. We meet with the Branch President and he said that the baptism rate has dropped so much, so we need to fill up that font!!! That is our goal. Transfers is in a week and half so we're interested to see what happens but we still have much to do even in this short of time. I have decided transfers are hard because you truly come to love all the people you were teaching in the previous area. But all is well. Well I love you all. So sorry for this long as email. I love you all so much and am praying for you. Keep on keeping on.

Love always,
Sister Boiteux

Last few days in Matuari Bay

Our sweetest Recent Convert, her name is Julie, and I love her dearly. She also gives me cute clothes so that's a plus!

 Caught a Sunset!

 Zone Maccas.. (aka McDonalds)

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Feed my Sheep!!

Ok first things first! THIS WEEK WAS AMAZING!!!!! Oh man so much has happened and I don't want to write a super long email so my apologizes if it is long. The sister training leaders came for trade offs this week. Sister Paasi came with me. She pretty much thinks I'm crazy and kept telling me that so she was grand. We had a blast and took a million and one pictures. This was her first time in the north so she was in heaven because it's so beautiful. Then on Wednesday we were doing companion study and Sister Paasi and Sister Tapuala showed up.... The sisters in our district which includes sister tapuala are going through some things so the STLs had us do a companion exchange for the week. So I moved into their flat and my area changed to KeriKeri and Okaihou. Oh man it was such a fun week. Sister Tapuala is hilarious. I was so excited to be placed with her. Sister Ottley went with Sister Pointer and covered our areas. So I got to meet new people and be with a companion that I get along with really well. We had fun doing missionary work which is what it is all about. The Sister training leaders, zone leaders, and district leader were worried about us together cause were both crazy. But it was great. Our mission vision is to talk with everyone. So TWE. In the north missionaries always say "it's the north, it's too hard to get 20 Twes. There's no one here" blah blah blah. Sister Tapuala and I went out to prove them wrong. So we parked the car and rode our bikes to town and TALKED WITH EVERYONE!!! We got 4 new investigators and 60 TWEs in two days. So we were told "sisters you are oawesome" by the assistants and zone leaders quite a bit this week. It felt great! So we did work and had fun while we did it. She is one crazy missionary. She didn't make me work out in the morning but we did have a pillow fight so that was fun. The zone leaders and district leader also stopped by and we had a nerf war so lets just say we won because the elders aren't allowed in our flat. haha suckers we had the advantage. So when president switched us back I only cried a little. Mostly cause I will miss the sisters bathroom. Oh and Sister Tapuala I guess. Haha no this week was really great. WE ALSO SET A BAPTISM DATE!!! Our investigator Ethan that lives in Paihia is set for baptism on the 26th of this month. Two days after transfers... so we will see what happens. We also will hopefully have another in October. So stay tuned for that one. This week I really just learned that missionary work is fun if you and your companion work well together and make it fun. So hopefully Sister Ottley and I can work on that cause these past few weeks have been rough. But still good! One miracle this week was yesterday. I had a nice little crying session in the bathroom Saturday night cause companion probs. And I was just praying and praying and trying to pull myself together because that's what you have to do on a mission. So on Sunday we got to church and a family from Highland was there. Oh man they are the sweetest family we talked with them like the whole day and it was great. Please pray for Tammy Fackrell. She went deaf in her left ear two weeks ago and may never get her hearing back. She needs a miracle. Them being at our branch was inspired because I truly needed them yesterday. God is good.

In my studies sometime this week I came across an amazing scripture in Alma. Alma 5:14 "have ye spiritually been born of God? Have ye received his image in your countenances? Have ye experienced this mighty change in your heart?" Loved ones!!! Do what that scripture says to do. Because I have been struggling I set new goals that I need to accomplish and I am trying so hard to become more like Christ so that others can come closer to Him through me. I have seen so many miracles as I truly give my all to our Father in Heaven every. single. day. Try it out your life will change. As you turn into a true disciple of Christ you will change lives and the darkness in the world won't affect you. Change your heart and come unto Christ. 

I love you all so much. Know that Christ is with you every moment of every day. He is just one prayer away. I am so grateful for each and every one of you. The church is true and I love it. I love our Heavenly Father and Savior Jesus Christ with all my heart. I love being a missionary and being apart of this great and amazing work. Have an oawesome week!

Sister Boiteux

oh p.s. i also broke our phone on monday last week so we wont get one until tomorrow maybe. Shocker there huh? Lol
okay talk to you later. Love you. Bye.

With Sister Paasi 

Trade off day. Sister Paasi and Sister Pointer (Sister Paasi certified me to drive, don't trust her face I did great.)


Feed my Sheep!

Being a goofball with Sister Tapuala 

The other sisters swanky bathroom

With the family from Highland

Bomb that place as you walk out the door.....

Well this email may be a little long but it is necessary because this week was interesting to say the least. So on Tuesday we were having companion study and the door knocked it was the Zone Leaders! Elder Crane and Elder Gerdes. What goons. They talked for a bit then left. Then ten minutes later the District Leader showed up. Elder Summers and Elder Blandford. They talked and brought us McDonalds.. My first hamburger from there. Nasty. But I tell you that because of the upcoming story..
So Sister Ottley has some crazy weird bites on her body. I noticed I started getting some too. So we called the Mission medical mom Sister Beckstead. She got us a doctors appointment and we went on over. Come to find out we have scabies. I wouldn't recommend googling it, they are pretty gross. Little mites that burrow in your skin and lay eggs and they itch and hurt. So we got quarantined this week. Literally we had to take everything and go wash it. Heaps of clothes and sheets were pilled into our car. But we called Sister Beckstead after and she said, "I was going to say something mean.... Call the elders to come over and shake their hands!" HAHA funny that they all stopped by right before we went to the doctors. So they all had to wash their hands real good. It was an interesting week. Our flat is being fumigated as we speak so funny. So sad we had appointments scheduled for every single day and had to cancel a few. We went to take old clothes to Hospice and met a lady there who apparently lives right by our church building in Matauri Bay! Sweet as!!! We're going to go and talk with her soon. The Lord truly does care. Although we didn't get to see who we planned on seeing we got to meet someone else who needs us too. But rather than that it was a good week and we still got to teach a few good lessons. There is a boy named Ethan who has been an investigator for quite sometime now. Well were meeting with him this week and he will hopefully be baptized in the next few weeks. Pray for that! He reminds me of Blake which makes me want him to be baptized even more. Everyone already feels like he is cause he goes to church with his friend every single week. So great.

What I loved in one of my studies this week is found in Mosiah chapter 4 vs 19. Are we not all beggars? Does that sound familiar cause it is from a talk by Elder Holland, I believe, from General Conference. My all time favorite talk. It is so true! We are all beggars. We are the Lords hands here on earth we have promised to declare His word and serve Him. DO NOT JUDGE. Be kind to everyone. So many people tell us why they fell away and it's usually always because of members. It drives me nuts. Yes they get offended over little things but things that we as members can change. We are here to uplift and inspire others not bring them down. Put yourself in another persons shoes and treat them how you would want to be treated. Look at them and love them with the same love our Father in Heaven has for them. It is incredible how much your love grows for people when you do that. I love you all so much. Keep on keeping on. Don't get scabies. Remember who you are and what you stand for.

Sister Boiteux

Oh yeah and our branch president says I look scary holding scissors so I shouldn't do that anymore.... So much love felt for Sister Boiteux here hahaha They already know me so well :)


Thanks Melodee for letting me watch you cut hair... Cut a less actives hair hahaha its not straight at all so funny.

Cutest flippin kids ever!!
Zone conference, party at Mcdonalds after...

Also people seriously use microwaves as mailboxes here. When in New Zealand i guess.