Thursday, September 24, 2015

No sasa sisters... No sasa!!

Oh my this week was slow as. And hard. We now have 1 investigator because all of our others dropped us like it's hot. So that's depressing, but I have learned so much about who I want to be, who I want my husband to be, the missionary I need to be, and most importantly what the Lord expects of me and who he wants me to be right now on my mission. The District Leader called us one day and gave us this analogy "A kite can never fly until it hits a strong wind". Think about it. For this week my companion and I have been studying in Alma for personal and companion studies. Oh man I'm at my favorite part. Which of course is the STRIPLING WARRIORS!! Oh man we were like "Heavenly Father can we have a stripling warrior please?!" Then I thought "no I want to be a stripling warrior" That is the kind of missionary I want to be. In Alma 53-59 It talks about the stripling warriors and my mind was blown. Studying scriptures as a missionary is the greatest thing ever. There is so much I want to say about what I learned but I have no time today. 

But another thing I felt like sharing was an experience we had with Brother Cooper who is the Young Mens president. He is a champ. We had a rough day at church yesterday. Like big guilt trip/ reality check. Like seriously everything everyone said just made me want to cry because I know I can do so much better. We went over to Brother Coopers and talked with him. He had no idea what we were feeling but he asked us "Can you honestly say you live D&C 4?" Can we? That pierced the heart. We just got in the car and started to cry... Well I did. My companion cried when we got back to the flat haha. But really I evaluated the work I have been doing. Elder Crane said if we want to know where we stand with the Lord pray and ask Him. But be prepared because the answer is hard. So that's what I did and yesterday was my answer. Feeling the Lords disappointment is the hardest thing in the world. But there is always room for improvement, and we are excited to have a better week and remember our purpose as missionaries and be the best representatives of Christ. We can do more. We all can do more. Live D&C 4 and strive to serve the Lord. I love you all!

Oh and to explain the title of this email. We always tell the elders we're going to sasa them... And that's the answer we get back. Its an inside joke so just give me a courtesy laugh. 
Love you all heaps!
Sister Boiteux :)

Funny of the week: Elder Gerdes heads down to Auckland today then flies back to the US cause he's done... :( So we made him and Elder Crane lunch and he wanted Enchiladas. I make a dang good enchilada by the way... Then they had trade offs with the district leader and the next day we get a call from Elder Summers and Elder Blandford and they said "what do we have to do to get enchiladas?!?!" That was great because we have the power to make them do stuff. It's awesome! :)

"Brother Cooper!!! Such a great night taking him to lessons with us :) "

" The Cuniffs the cutest old deaf couple in our branch."

"When you have a good hair day and new zealand ruins it"

"Ironed Sister Tapuala's hair... straighteners dont work on poly hair haha. I only burnt her once!"

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