Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Bomb that place as you walk out the door.....

Well this email may be a little long but it is necessary because this week was interesting to say the least. So on Tuesday we were having companion study and the door knocked it was the Zone Leaders! Elder Crane and Elder Gerdes. What goons. They talked for a bit then left. Then ten minutes later the District Leader showed up. Elder Summers and Elder Blandford. They talked and brought us McDonalds.. My first hamburger from there. Nasty. But I tell you that because of the upcoming story..
So Sister Ottley has some crazy weird bites on her body. I noticed I started getting some too. So we called the Mission medical mom Sister Beckstead. She got us a doctors appointment and we went on over. Come to find out we have scabies. I wouldn't recommend googling it, they are pretty gross. Little mites that burrow in your skin and lay eggs and they itch and hurt. So we got quarantined this week. Literally we had to take everything and go wash it. Heaps of clothes and sheets were pilled into our car. But we called Sister Beckstead after and she said, "I was going to say something mean.... Call the elders to come over and shake their hands!" HAHA funny that they all stopped by right before we went to the doctors. So they all had to wash their hands real good. It was an interesting week. Our flat is being fumigated as we speak so funny. So sad we had appointments scheduled for every single day and had to cancel a few. We went to take old clothes to Hospice and met a lady there who apparently lives right by our church building in Matauri Bay! Sweet as!!! We're going to go and talk with her soon. The Lord truly does care. Although we didn't get to see who we planned on seeing we got to meet someone else who needs us too. But rather than that it was a good week and we still got to teach a few good lessons. There is a boy named Ethan who has been an investigator for quite sometime now. Well were meeting with him this week and he will hopefully be baptized in the next few weeks. Pray for that! He reminds me of Blake which makes me want him to be baptized even more. Everyone already feels like he is cause he goes to church with his friend every single week. So great.

What I loved in one of my studies this week is found in Mosiah chapter 4 vs 19. Are we not all beggars? Does that sound familiar cause it is from a talk by Elder Holland, I believe, from General Conference. My all time favorite talk. It is so true! We are all beggars. We are the Lords hands here on earth we have promised to declare His word and serve Him. DO NOT JUDGE. Be kind to everyone. So many people tell us why they fell away and it's usually always because of members. It drives me nuts. Yes they get offended over little things but things that we as members can change. We are here to uplift and inspire others not bring them down. Put yourself in another persons shoes and treat them how you would want to be treated. Look at them and love them with the same love our Father in Heaven has for them. It is incredible how much your love grows for people when you do that. I love you all so much. Keep on keeping on. Don't get scabies. Remember who you are and what you stand for.

Sister Boiteux

Oh yeah and our branch president says I look scary holding scissors so I shouldn't do that anymore.... So much love felt for Sister Boiteux here hahaha They already know me so well :)


Thanks Melodee for letting me watch you cut hair... Cut a less actives hair hahaha its not straight at all so funny.

Cutest flippin kids ever!!
Zone conference, party at Mcdonalds after...

Also people seriously use microwaves as mailboxes here. When in New Zealand i guess.

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