Monday, September 14, 2015

Lets Fill Up the Font!

Wow this week was absolutely incredible. We were able to invite two more people to be baptized and they both said YES!! It is such an amazing experience asking people to be baptized. The spirit was just yelling at me "Sister Boiteux ask her to be baptized, just do it! Fear God more than man!" So we have another baptism on the 31 of October and hopefully another one soon. It is great. We had a depressing lesson with an investigator though. His name is Craig and he is in his 30s we think. We went to teach him and he was somewhere else. Like on drugs somewhere else. Poor guy. He told us what he's been going through and he just doesn't know what to do. So of course we were like "you need the gospel". We were able to tell him a little bit more of what us as missionaries do and we have some incredible things for him to know. So much potential, he really is golden. It is amazing what happens when we as missionaries look at our investigators in white three times once for baptism, the temple, and the Celestial Kingdom. It truly makes you see them how Christ sees them. 

We had Zone Conference in Whanagarei on Friday. Oh my goodness what the Assistants and President and Sister Balli prepared for us was just jam packed with goodness. It was a spiritual feast. Something really stuck with me that President taught us. He gave an analogy about how much his watch was worth. Someone said $200 and he said no its worth more because Sister Balli gave it to him, so that increased the value. So the value of something we have is different for everyone. But our worth was so important to one person. Our worth is worth more than anything we could ever get in the world. And that person is Jesus Christ. He literally died for us. Why? BECAUSE WE ARE WORTH IT! Remember that when you are struggling and don't know what to do. Christ is always here for us and He knows exactly what we're going through. Something he also said was "I can commit you to do something and you can scream yes! But can your heart scream yes! to the Lord?" Think of that when you are challenged to do something. Loved ones can you scream yes to missionary work? Can you help someone, at least one person, come unto Christ? I know each of you can and will do incredible things if you just pray for those opportunities!

Something that also happened at Zone Conference was an ET.... Yes you all may be thinking "Sister Boiteux what did you do?!" But for once it wasn't my fault haha it wasn't even for my companionship. But I am now with Sister Tapuala and we cover a HUGE area like one of the biggest in the north, it's crazy. I am also the driver hehehe. But we cover KeriKeri, Waihou, Okaihou, and like 3 other parts over here. So we have work to do. We meet with the Branch President and he said that the baptism rate has dropped so much, so we need to fill up that font!!! That is our goal. Transfers is in a week and half so we're interested to see what happens but we still have much to do even in this short of time. I have decided transfers are hard because you truly come to love all the people you were teaching in the previous area. But all is well. Well I love you all. So sorry for this long as email. I love you all so much and am praying for you. Keep on keeping on.

Love always,
Sister Boiteux

Last few days in Matuari Bay

Our sweetest Recent Convert, her name is Julie, and I love her dearly. She also gives me cute clothes so that's a plus!

 Caught a Sunset!

 Zone Maccas.. (aka McDonalds)

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