Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Peaks, Pits, Praises, Prayers

Hello family. I swear every week there is something wrong in the life of Sister Boiteux. Once again I was sick and it was terrible. I have no idea what happened we think I caught a stomach bug. Thankfully I never threw up I just felt like it. So this week was rough and I had about zero energy to do anything. But thankfully I had a few miracles. I will just paste my email to my mission president :)

"President Balli,
This week was an interesting one. We have about two investigators so we spend most of our time tracting and talking with everyone in the streets. Sometimes it does get old doing the same thing over and over again. But we have a few miracles by doing that. One day we went to go and tract and the last house we went to before we went to go and TWE a mom answered. She said she has met missionaries before but shes not really interested in learning more but her children are. She also told us how she is studying gardening in school and that she is trying to work in her own garden. We offered to help her but she has trust issues especially since the last set of missionaries she met said they would help but then they never came back. So we left her with our number for her to call if she needed our help. The next week during personal study we just had a strong impression to go back and visit her. So we rearranged our plans and drove to her house and we noticed she was working in her garden. So we went over and helped her and got it pretty much done. The family was shocked that we were gardening in our skirts, but by listening to the spirit and helping her we were able to gain her trust. We went back to finish a few days later and she told us how she found out her brother in law is Mormon and how her mother in law still couldnt believe we helped her garden in our skirts. Were praying that as we continue to serve her she will let us teach her with her children.

Our next miracle this week was Sheryl. When we offered to help her she told us no its too hard and we dont know what were getting ourselves into, but we were persistent and came back to help and told her that a lot more missionaries are coming to help her. Since we have our zone service day tomorrow just helping her! We could tell in her eyes that she was really grateful. She told us how overwhelmed she was and she almost started to cry so she went inside. She lives alone and has no children or any other family. My testimony on service grew a lot this week because although they might not let us teach them right now as we continue to gain their trust and love they eventually will.

Our last miracle was the greatest to me. I felt really sick this whole week. I didnt want a blessing because I didnt feel sick enough for one. But on Friday we were walking up a hill that we have walked up heaps of times and I almost passed out. So Sister Tapuala called Sister Beckstead and she told us to go home for a bit and rest. Then she also called the elders and they came over to give me a blessing which I felt really bad about because I didnt want one. When Elder Shannon was giving me the blessing I just got a sense of calm come over me and I could really feel Heavenly Father talking to me. So although I didnt want one I was grateful that my companion realized that I needed one and that the elders could drive over to our area to give me one. The next day I felt a little better so we were out and no one was home. We went to eat dinner at a members house and we got a text from a former investigator saying she now wants to meet with us. So we went over and she said someone hit her car today and just left. She was angry at first and then felt calm, and when she got home she saw our number and texted us because she thought the two were connected. That was incredible. I was not all there and that was probably the worst lesson I ever taught. So after I felt pretty sad and then I realized that although I didnt teach as well as I could have, but my companion still supported me so thank goodness that we dont teach lessons alone and the spirit was there. I realized that I shouldnt be sad because I still have a lot of learning to do and that should just strengthen my testimony. So this week was a huge testimony builder and im really grateful for that."

Sorry this email is so long but it was needed. Im grateful for the gospel and especially for the power of the priesthood. I am grateful for the Lord and his timing in this work. Sometimes I really just dont understand and just when I want to throw in the towel he puts a miracle in my path and I just love it! God is good! Something I also learned in church yesterday that just hit me was, Knowledge applied is knowledge acquired. While you are studying the Book of Mormon are you pondering it? Acquire, write, and reflect I promise you your knowledge of the scriptures will grow! :)

I love you all heaps,
Sister Boiteux

Funnies of the week: It was transfers and our new district leader is Elder Shannon who happens to live by me back in Utah. Haha so my zone leader i went to high school with and my district leader lives by me. Lets just say im their favorite sister ;)

After church yesterday we went to visit people. So we stopped by our good atheist friend William. Dont mess with him. But I started talking and he said "Wait let me guess where youre from by your accent. America. Salt Lake City. Utah?" Lol then a member said "You look like youre from here... Until you open your mouth." God bless America :)

Elder Gerdes went home to the telestial kingdom of Idaho!

P-day at the glow worm caves and a battle field that i dont know how to spell haha

district meeting in the beautiful place I call Paihia that I miss so much!

New Zealand sunsets never get old.

This is Braxten. He tends to always steal my badge. He is the craziest little child ever. His family rocks :)

Prank war with Brother Cooper. We put peanut butter on his car handles.. Then he put a muscle in my shoe and shampoo in Sister Tapualas boot. hahaha its on. 

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