Wednesday, October 28, 2015

The Banana Chipmunks Have Been Crazy This Week.

Loved ones!
This week was just great. Mighty miracles worked here in the great Kingdom of Kaikohe. We had dinner at our Branch Presidents house and he told us a story of while he was on his mission and about how we just need to go the extra 15 min the extra mile and do all we can to hasten the work in our area. We also had interviews with President. The assistants and himself talked a lot about us having more faith in our area and how miracles do come with faith. Thats what we set out to do this week and we were blessed with new investigators and hopefully a few sets in the upcoming weeks. Blessings truly do come by faith. 

I was talking with Sister Balli about our Book of Mormon feast as a mission and what I have been learning from it. I set out to see what I needed to do to be a better missionary. Mostly everything we are told to do in the scriptures is just the doctrine of Christ. It is so simple and yet we still over complicate everything. I have truly learned that the more converted we are to the gospel the easier it is to share it. The more comfortable we are with our religion because we truly understand it. We had some amazing talks in sacrament yesterday and Brother Cooper talked about being worthy here is some great advice from him, "if youre not worthy, get worthy. If youre not active, get active." SO SIMPLE!!  Just do it. Most times when i meet people here who are less active or dont want to learn about the gospel is because they dont understand. They lack understanding. I truly believe that as each and everyone of us comes to know the Savior. Comes to know the doctrine of this gospel we wont fall away. Understanding gives us direction. The direction that we need to return to our Heavenly Father. My challenge to you all is Understand the Doctrine of Christ and LIVE IT! There definitely is a difference between conversion and a testimony. Be converted. Change lives. Come unto Christ. I love you all and am grateful for each and everyone of you. Being a missionary is the greatest blessing ever. This is the Lords work and I am just a tool in his hands. Keep on keeping on. 

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux

Funny of the week: Definitely stuffed my face at a members house and they said "ah its cause your palagi, you cant handle it. Sister Tapuala can cause shes brown."

Also words of wisdom from Brother Alexander, "Men are like puppies, Give it a little time and their cuteness fades. Choose wisely." Dang strait haha. 

1- with Brother Alexander's dogs
2-4 At Zone P-day

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