Tuesday, October 6, 2015

They're Baaacckkk

Well I seriously have no idea what to say about this week haha. So much tracting. Tracting. tracting. tracting. In our planner. Ever. Single. Day. AND ITS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok not gonna lie the beginning of this week i was like "i am sick of tracting. This is not effective. No one is home. Kill me." Blah blah blah. So we went to Brother Coopers and I said "BROTHER COOPER WERE SICK OF TRACTING!!" Bad idea on my part haha i got chastised hard. He said "Sister dont you ever say that. Saying youre sick of tracting is like saying youre sick of doing the Lords work." Boom. Mind Blown. So true. So after that I looked at tracting a lot differently and I know love it. Yes its tiring and hard at times but its incredible. We were able to find 3 new investigators because of tracting this week. We had an amazing Zone Training on planning. Let me tell ya that was exactly what sister and I needed to hear and we were able to find new ways to be better planners and really hasten the work in our area. The people here are so prepared we just need to find them and teach them. I love when we go and visit people and they say, "we had a feeling you two would stop by today." INSPIRED PLANNING my friends. Its wonderful.

As a mission we are doing a 90 day Book of Mormon feast. It is incredible the things that I am learning. In 1 Nephi 15:8 is asks "have ye inquired of the Lord?" It hit me and I was like woah have I been inquiring of the Lord? I want to be a better representative of the Savior, but I cant do that without the Lords help. So many times we are all like Laman and Lemuel and we murmur and complain about everything that goes on in our life. Well are we inquiring of the Lord? I dont think so., unless we wouldnt be complaining so much. As missionaries we have to account to the Lord it can be a hard or it can be an incredible thing. As members we need to really have a testimony and find out if the church is true. We cant do that without inquiring of the Lord and then accounting to him about what we do to find out the truth. I love you all heaps and heaps!

Two funnies and an awkward for the week:
1. We were tweing (talking with everyone) in town and a man named Robbie said he worked for the church for 3 years installing those dunking pools (baptismal fonts).. Lol then got fired before he found out too much about the church.. That last part we told him isn't true and we're here to teach him more about the church :)
2. SISTER TAPUALA HAS SCABBIES HAHAHHAHA.  So I called Sister Beckstead and she said "oh Sister Boiteux don't say it! What are we going to do with you? We're going to have to wrap you in silicone hahaha. You know the drill." Quarantined again. So funny!
The awkward.. I have been hit on ONE TOO MANY TIMES THIS WEEK! Oh my goodness it is the most awkward and disgusting thing. We called the zone leaders and told them and they were there for it when it happened the other times. They just liked to inform me that i'm just full of myself and no one is hitting on me. Also that I should probably stop being such a skuxx. Haha the love in this zone is real. Living the high life in New Zealand that's for sure.

Sister Boiteux

Helped a less active with her sons birthday party we have mad balloon tying skills.

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