Wednesday, October 28, 2015

20KG Mission

Wow i have so much to say about this week. One week is good then the next is bad. Its an emotional roller coaster and I love it! Imma just start from the beginning of the week.
 Monday is always a good day because we have FHE. We went over to a members home and they asked us to share a spiritual thought, so we just reflected on our week and shared how we saw Gods hand in our life and how we can all improve. That was really special because we learned that we are not the ones doing the work, the Lord is. 
Tuesday. DISTRICT MEETING! We decided to go to lunch after and a member worked at the restaurant. He was so kind and generous. He gave us free appetizers, dessert, and hot chocolate. He also paid for half of our meal. So that was great especially because we didnt have much money. 
Wednesday. Trade offs with the sister training leaders! Oh man those two are trouble. I love when they come up to the north. Except Sister Paasi loves our shower and they also eat all our food. Poly probs. But i always learn so much from them. I was able to be with Sister Allen. Oh man she is going to be the next AP. Haha I learned heaps from her. It was just fun to see the desire she had to do missionary work and how easy it was for her to talk with everyone. We also were able to talk about the missionary I want to be and it made me reflect more on what I can change and improve on and how i can become the missionary that the Lord wants me to be. Really wanted to cry when they headed back to Auckland because they are so much fun! 
Thursday. Service day. Go into every thing with a service attitude is what I always say. When i get grumpy the best thing to do is service. Turn outwards instead of inwards. It always helps :) 
Saturday... Haha such a funny day. We drove to the prettiest place ever. Part of our area that I have never been to. So pretty. Summer in New Zealand oh man I dont think i will come home ;) But we were in Opito Bay and realized that our petrol was gone. We were going to get it earlier in the day but then the Elders stopped by to pick up our bikes.. So we forgot to fill up the car. We were like 30 Ks from home and completely empty haha. Also almost got hit a few times. I promise im a good driver :) We just decided to tract. haha so we almost got killed by a pit bull and didnt meet anyone that was interested but the Lord led us to that place for a reason. We will go back when we arent out of petrol :) 
What I really wanted to share for this week is what happened on Sunday. The best day of the entire week. We had Branch Council and President Armstrong did some pretty amazing training for all of the leaders. It didnt really apply to Sister and I yet but it hit me. He showed a talk by Elder Holland about parents and their children. Some questions for parents and for everyone to ask yourselves:
"Do your children know that you love the scriptures?" can they see you studying them and reading them whenever you have the chance. Do they know that you love learning more about the gospel?
"Do your children see you praying?" Do they understand the importance of prayer? Do you understand the importance of prayer? Prayer literally is a two way communication between us and God. It is wonderful and we should pray every morning every night and whenever we can.
"Do your children know fasting is more than a hardship?" Fasting is more than a first sunday hardship. D&C 59:14 Its not fasting and prayer its REJOICING and prayer. Look at fasting in a different way and let the blessings roll in. 
"Do your children know you love the temple?" Are you going to the temple as often as you can. All you people in Utah better know how lucky you are to have heaps of temples around you. You dont have to travel 5 hours to get there. Go there. WEEKLY. Make it a goal and achieve it. 
"Do your children know you sustain the local leaders?" No matter how imperfect they can be. They are called of God. They are chosen to help their ward or branch. Love them and help them as they do to you. 
Lastly, "Do your children know that you love God with all your heart?" 

Loved ones. No matter how imperfect we are all can be made right through the atonement of our Savior Jesus Christ. "If we almost keep the commandments we will almost receive blessings." Nothing is too hard with the Lord on our side. Keep going you can do hard things. I know that as we all strive to be better disciples of Christ and pray with all our heart and give our will to the Lord, the blessing and miracles will come. We can become righteous saints in a troubled world and receive the everlasting life that we all desire. I love you all so much. Thank you for your emails every week and inspiration and love that you share with me. I pray for you always. God is good. 

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux

Funny: Went to a members house and she wanted to feed us i said, "Sister McCarthey I have already gained 10 lbs!!" "where?! just cut off your fingernails and you will lose it." LOL not even

Brother Cooper pranked us and chained our bikes together. What a punk.

The Branch President saw us one night and shook my hand and said "whats up fire cracker?!" hahahahha then said that Sister Tapuala is my fuse. He's got that right!

Awkward as Picture with an elder...

Ran into the Cunniffes in town :)

Sassy little Victoria

My birthday buddy..

The picture we take after we were about to be killed by a pit bull.. "nice doggie, nice doggie."

She says it's okay to be jealous...rightly so!

With some pigs they named after the Elders in their district

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