Thursday, November 5, 2015

The hills are alive with the sound of... THE GOSPEL!

Oh my goodness I have absolutely no idea what to say about this week... Rather than its been amazing!!! Every day sister and i got home and planned and then just collapsed in bed from complete exhaustion. People would ask us "how has your week been?" and we just stare at each other and are like "oh man. Its been good" haha we havent really thought about it and looking back its like dang. We did work. It has been an incredible week knowing that every day we went out and gave it our all. Weeks like this are the best. 
We had heaps of trials and then more blessings. Its just great. We really tried to exercise our faith and hasten the work in our area. I realized another hard part about a mission. Sister and I were contacting potential investigators and one said "yes, come back I want to learn more!" So we showed up and instantly we both just saw him in white. It was incredible. We took Brother Cooper back to meet him and sit in on the lesson and the investigator decided to drop us. Heart broken. Seriously it was hard as. But we wont give up. WE CAN DO IT! Our sweet investigator Jessica said yes to baptism! Oh man such an important decision. So we are helping her work towards that, so proud of her :)  Also have a few more investigators that are getting closer to baptism. This area is really starting to pick up and goodness I love it so much!

I am just so grateful for the members here and their willingness to help us with rides for our investigators and coming to lessons. Its just such a huge blessing to have their help and to hear their testimonies. In church yesterday so many testimonies were born on prayer, church, scriptures. I was just like all of that is amazing but it all comes back to Christ. That should be the foundation of our testimonies. Not just testimonies but our conversion. A member asked us, what is more important a testimony or conversion? Conversion by far. I know that we can really make a difference in this world as Jesus Christ is the center of our lives. Alma 26:12. For in his strength I can do all things. I hope your Halloween was so much fun!! Love you all.

Sister Boiteux

Splits with this beauty. Tahila she is preparing for a mission :) Crushed it with her.

Made cupcakes for zone training with Sonya that was quite fun.

The zone leaders decided to prank us back and put a dead possum on our back porch.. So sister slapped elder crane in the face with icing hahahahaha. 

... ok and we also pranked them back. We decided they wanted their dead possum back. 

Young womens halloween activity. Bobbing for oranges lol i kicked Jeydes butt!

Trip to Mangamuka with Sister Edgar 

Our mom decided that his mission has come to an end... Elder Crane is back to the USA!!! :)

zone devotional this fine morning :)

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