Sunday, November 29, 2015


This week was titled "the trial week" did I know that was coming? yes I did. We have a super amazing week and we can always usually count on trials the next week. But it was still good, every day is a good day on a mission. Most of our appointments fell through this week which meant heaps of tracting time. Which wasn't effective either because we just got chewed out by most people we talked to and it was great!!! There is a talk by Elder Holland that kept us going this week. He talks about how missionary work isn't easy because salvation is not a cheap experience. It was never easy for Christ so why would it be easy for us? And that missionaries will shed a tear that Christ shed. Definitely not in the same way but we have to experience something He did. It is all about the attitude that we have. This week we definitely were physically drained but spiritually enriched.  

Although we had heaps of appointments cancel on us the lessons we were blessed with were just amazing. The people in our area are so prepared and it is just crazy how fast the work is coming. It has been interesting finding the balance with my new companion especially while we are teaching but it is coming along. Striving to accomplish our goals and leave the area better than how we found it. Not to sure about what else to say about this week rather than God is good. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on earth today. I know that and believe it with all my heart. I know that the gospel truly does bless all of our lives. I have seen so many miracles in the short amount of time I have been here and I love this great work that I am blessed to be a part of. Love you all!!!

Sister Boiteux

Funny of the week: The zone leaders were in Auckland for a couple days this past week so Sister Christiansen and I took it upon ourselves to be zone leaders for those days. Lets just say we crushed it. The zone leaders recommended us to be the next assistants since we did so well ;) Dont worry we wont let it go to our heads!

Found a beach without any sand so we took that opportunity to take some pictures of this rare moment. 

Sister Ottleys birthday!!! Went over to celebrate with her then went outside and New Zealand knew I curled my hair so it decided to rain.

The sabbath was full of cute little parrots and kittens!! :)

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