Thursday, December 3, 2015

Thanksgiving? Is that like Christmas or something?

Kia Ora!!!!!

How are you loved ones? I hope this week was full of love and thankfulness. Sister and I decided to do something extra nice for the people in our area and give out lollies. We can't tell you how many times we were asked if Thanksgiving is our Christmas and what the heck Black Friday is. It was crack up. We had to explain that since were American we still have to celebrate our holidays. Cause food. We made our district dinner that day hahaha that failed miserably but at least we all got fed. Then a family in our branch made us a Thanksgiving dinner on Sunday so that was really nice and we were happy to have some American food.

This week was another hard one. We can't really explain to you why it was hard because we can't even explain it to ourselves. The adversary has been working hard on us these past few weeks. We're already into week 4 of this transfer and we have no idea where the time went. Days are so slow and then weeks are so fast. Sister and I started to read the Book of Mormon as a companionship and our scripture that stuck with us for the week is in 1 Nephi 2:15 "And my father dwelt in a tent"
Yup that's the one. When we first read that I kinda chuckled cause thats the verse I read and it was so small and simple. Yet there is so much meaning behind it. Lehi literally packed up his family and left. Left all his land, riches, friends, everything because the Lord told him to. As we sat back and reflected on that we put it into todays world. What are we willing to give up for the Lord? We asked if we could do that. If the Lord said "Sister Boiteux, pack only the things that mean most to you and go live in the wilderness." Would I do it? and if i did it could i be humble enough and not murmur when times got rough? There is so much meaning in every single verse in the Book of Mormon. I love feasting upon the words of Christ. As our mission has been reading the Book of Mormon as a mission for 90 days it has been incredible learning new things every single day and actually better understanding the stories. I love that book and i know there is so much truth and power in it. I hope and pray that you are all taking the time every day to feast upon the words in the scriptures to come to know the Savior and to strengthen your testimonies. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Thank you for all the emails you have no idea how much they strengthen me especially in these hard weeks. Love you all heaps.

Kia Kaha,
Sister Boiteux

Thanksgiving dinner!!

The after math...

 and the best part leftovers!!

Left the elders some Christmas presents.

 and our present from them.. a signed rugby ball. Thats what we get for asking for one every single day :)

 Our lovely young women!!!

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