Friday, December 18, 2015

The gift of.... Elders?

This week was so bipolar haha. Started off amazing with the TEMPLE!!! We drove down to Auckland Tuesday night and were packed in a flat with 12 sisters. That was a party. Woke up at 4:30 and headed down to Hamilton at 6. That was a long as bus ride but so much fun. I cant even explain how much i miss the temple. It truly is the house of the Lord. You people in Utah are so lucky to have temples so close, so i hope you all use it to your advantage and set goals and go as often as you can. It was such a blessing in my life to go every week and i cant wait to do that when I get home. The Hamilton temple is beautiful though and it was a cool experience to go as a mission and feel the spirit in that building. I was also able to see Elder Searle!! He is in the Hamilton mission but i went to school with him. That was crack up. We drove back to Kaikohe so it was a long day but it was worth it. 

On Wednesday the Elders had a baptism in the ocean woohoo!! It was a chilly day so it resulted in our set telling us he no longer wants to get baptized... haha good thing he isnt getting baptized in the ocean. But it was fun to go on the beach and not be apostate for it :) Such a special feeling at baptisms and too see how happy those people are. This church is so true and I love it. 

It is transfers week and for some reason every elder in this zone thinks im getting transferred as well as all the members in our branch and they wont let me forget it. Not to sure what is going to happen all we know is President is fearless when it comes to transfers so stay tuned for that one. I have loved my time up here in the North though people here are incredible and I have been learning so much from all of them. I hope that you all are continuing to see what you can give back the Saviour this year for Christmas and have a wonderful week with some fun and crazy things happening!!!  Love you all.

Sister Boiteux

Funnies: I was woken up at 1 in the morning by my companion saying "Sister... Sister.. There is a cat on my bed!!" Like what? haha she was standing by the door and wouldnt touch the thing. So i picked up the cat and put it back out our window. She then tries to push the poor animal out the window. Haha she hates cats. Crack up.

We had a rough week with some things so we asked for a motivational speech from the elders. Which ended up them saying we have ups and downs in our area. Had three sets and they were all dropped.. Then they hung up. So they ended up making us feel worse than we already did. The gift of Elders as my companion would say haha

Sister Balli!! :)

The wonderful Hamilton temple!!

Driving back to Kaikohe and we said pull over when you see a big duck!!! Then this picture happened.. Its actually not a duck haha cut close enough.

Baptism in Opononi

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