Monday, December 7, 2015

We're off to see the temple!!

Hello you beautiful Americans!!
Not too much time today because we have heaps to do before we head down to AUCKLAND!! Yes thats right the temple trip is finally here. We get to head down to Auckland tonight and stay at a motel then its off to Hamilton Tuesday morning. Finally!! We have been waiting ages for this day. 

I dont even know what to say about this week. We had good days, we had bad days. Pretty much we just live the mission life haha. I guess the thing I really want to share is from our Stake Conference we just had. We were lucky enough to have President and Sister Balli there and they spoke on the blessings we as members receive when we let the missionaries into our homes. President talked about Elder Oaks talk on "good, better, and best." It was funny because they both talked about the members feeding us. Which is great for us!! But President said the fell under the good category of the blessings from having missionaries in your home. So 1. Good. Feeding the missionaries and letting them leave a message and a prayer.
2. Better. In the NZAM we are invited to work until 9 pm. Well many people dont want us into their home that late so we go to members. So invite the missionaries in at the night time hours. Let us teach yous so that we can improve our teaching skills and also help you in any way that we can. 
3. Best. Invite family or friends to hear the missionary lessons. WE ARE ALL BUSY!! Its difficult-and that is why we have to do it. Greatest happiness comes when we participate in the work of salvation.

I just love getting those opportunities to hear from our mission president and his wife. They are such huge examples to me and I know that as we take his counsel and work in better unity with the missionaries that you as members can bring souls unto Christ. It may be hard to do if your in Utah but even if you have no one for the missionaries to teach still help them in anyway that you can. I love being a missionary. I love serving here in New Zealand with these beautiful people. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week!

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux

TRADE OFFS! When the sister training leaders come we take them to collect chicken poop :) You're welcome sisters! 

Companion unity. Braiding her hair in the car. That's a challenge. Not driving is terrible. Car sickness is a real thing.

Love when people come up and say "Sister Boiteux, I served with your sister" Haha tends to happen here :)

Stake Conference and our beautiful investigator Gemma :)

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