Thursday, December 24, 2015

North to South

What a wonderful time of year it is. I cant believe its almost Christmas. It definitely doesnt feel like it here cause it is hot as. But we still feel the Christmas spirit. I hope you have all been able to see the videos the church has made this year. Also maybe have read Luke 2. The story of Christs birth. Every time my companion and I share this message we are filled with so much love and gratitude for the Saviour and what he went through for us. We have such an incredible gift and it is our duty to go out and share it with all of our brothers and sisters. I know without the atonement, Christ birth wouldnt really matter. They go hand in hand. Such a great time of year to reflect on what the Saviour has done for us and how we can do more for him.

As for transfers news. I was finally unbanished and was sent to East Tamaki... IM IN A WARD!! There are so many people down here it is crazy. I was quite shocked at first but I think im adjusting well. Our area is tiny so we have no car and are walking every where. I am slowly dying but I can do all things through Christ ;) For some reason President likes to keep me with the Utah sisters. My new companion is Sister Lott she is from Sandy Utah!! Also went to BYU so funny I never saw her around P town. Tamaki is great though. I dont think this many people have ever said hi or honked to us before. Every one knows who we are I love it!!!! Tender mercy this week is the Burgess family. You got that right Ashleys mission companion is in the ward i am serving in haha crack up. So many polys down here it is crazy. SO MUCH FOOD. The 20kg thing is real. We also ate horse last night. Not gonna lie it was really good haha. 

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and that my two fathers have a Happy Birthday! And welcome home Miles!! Love you all heaps!

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux

Correction from my sister. :)
Today in church I had the thought "didn't the atonement start with his birth?" For isn't part of the atonement his understanding of how life feels. He didn't learn all that just from the Garden and the Cross but from the 34 years he walked the earth. The atonement began at the birth of our Savior in a manger, his life of learning to bridle his passions and do the will of the Father is the ultimate example of how we too must utilize the Atonement. We aren't cleansed all at once by the atonement, it takes the steps of repentance which means change including self-control, obedience, and charity, etc. Just as Christ had to us these same steps and principles.


Beautiful Sunset!

Kaikohe 2nd Ward had a feed for all the missionaries in the zone. Elder Cunningham was my companion in a game and we got a B he was quite upset.

Saying good bye to all my loved ones in the Waihou Branch. So grateful for all of them and what they have taught me over the past few months. 

Sister Christiansen hit 6 months so we burned some stuff, and first time ever hugging my companion and its the day we got transferred haha.

Thank you Angilau family for my christmas package I love it!!!

Sister Lott

My first big feed here in NZ. Welcome to the South they say. 

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