Thursday, March 10, 2016

Count Your Many Blessings!!

THIS WEEK WAS SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It started off a little sucky. Like we have no idea what happened to us. It was hot and we had no energy and yeah. What a sad we know. Then Wednesday came and we just literally talked with everyone. Like guilt just overcame us when we didnt stop and talk with them. We were blessed with so many more people to teach this week. We accomplished quite a few of our goals and our testimonies just grew heaps.

One night Sister Lott and I were contacting a less active family. As we were leaving their home we saw people in a park so we talked with them then got in our car then saw more people so we had to get out again. Clearly Heavenly Father didnt want us to drive away. We decided to just take the alley way into the other part of our area to contact a few potentials. After we contacted them we headed back to the car and a kid was riding through the alley way on his bike. We talked with him and he got really excited and said, "wait are you the Mormon missionaries?" Apparently they have been getting taught by the Samoan sisters.. But he doesnt speak Samoan only his dad does. So we asked if he wanted an english Book of Mormon and when we gave it to him his light just lit up. Seriously it was the coolest thing. We told him we would get his information then send it to the missionaries in his area. Turns out HE IS IN OUR AREA!!! Woohoo!!! We get to go back and teach him this week. My testimony just grew so much that Heavenly Father will put us exactly where we need us. We just need to listen to the spirit and not be stubborn. We were blessed immensely this week. One of the best weeks my entire mission. I hope you are all looking for ways to serve others. To really listen to promptings that you receive from our Father in Heaven and then act on them. You never know when a miracle is going to happen. I love you all.

Sister Boiteux

This picture is for Melodee.. I know how much she loves this creature. I might look a little crazy thats cause I for some reason decided to pick up this bug just for a picture :)

New Zealand sunrises 

Morning exercise :)

Sister Picards 5 month baby and my 7 month baby.. She wins

When im with Sister Tilini I meet men that wear Salt Lake City shirts. No big deal just my home!

We got to help the Otara Stake with their missionary trade off. It was fun to take the youth out and tract for hours. I promise they werent scared of me. Dont mind what it looks like in the picture :)

Some of my favorite little children. 

Pday at the Point

Trade offs with the sisters and a cat walked into their flat... His name is snickers :)

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