Thursday, March 10, 2016

Win the Next Pitch

This week was good but long. We still talked with heaps of people but a lot of our appointments fell through. We were definitely expecting that since we had such an incredible week last week. Its transfers this week and I always love looking back and seeing what this past transfer has taught me. I would have to say diligence. The amount of times our zone leaders told us to recommit to our purpose and to talk with every one. Once we actually applied that the changes started to happen. Our desire to talk with everyone and share the beautiful message we have grew heaps. Im grateful for my companion Sister Lott. Seriously she is one of the best missionaries we have here in the NZAM. I look up to her so much and am grateful for her knowledge of the gospel and her excitement in the work. 

I really know that the Lord is preparing his children. It doesnt matter where you live there will always be someone who is ready to hear what the missionaries have to share with them. I feel like a lot of the time when we dont listen to a prompting or when we dont do what we know is right we tend to beat our selves up because of it. This entire week I have felt so down and annoyed because of things that happened in our area. We were going to an appointment with our district leader and our investigator wasnt home. His new motto for us is "win the next pitch." He played baseball so he talked about how when he missed the one before his coach would just yell win the next pitch! So that is now our reminder when we talk with him. It actually helps so much. It doesnt matter what happens in the past as long as we continue to improve. As long as we look forward with faith and not dwell on what has happened. Im so grateful for this transfer and the many lessons I learned in these short 6 weeks. I hope you all had an incredible week. I hope you are looking for ways where you can serve the people around you every single day.

Sister Boiteux

When the elders drop off a present for us.....

Cutest nicest puppy her in New Zealand. Okay Hazel Grace? okay. :)

Service. Sisters always do it better..

The MTC President, President Gibson came to our church service on Sunday with the Terrys so it was nice to catch up with him!

Hey Dylan.. I ate chicken heart :)

Bishop. Polynesians like their meat!


Sister Faapuea made me a pulutesi and called me Miss Samoa America. Thats me :)

Florida :)

Our dear assistant goes home on Wednesday. May or may not miss his sass. 

Not getting transferred... sticking together :)

Sister Trull. Sweetest sister you ever will meet!

This picture pretty much sums up my relationship with the leaders in this zone. Super grateful for them and all they have taught me. 

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