Wednesday, March 1, 2017

The Extra Week

We were determined to find people this week and we did! We found two new people... Then they dropped us. Haha so that was a fail. This week was full of "lasts" but also a lot of things I was able to learn. I learned the importance of talking with everyone. We never know who is prepared for the restored gospel. Obviously not everyone will be nice or want to talk to us, but we can still invite. That is the key. If we don't invite then we will never know if they are interested or not. I am grateful for the gospel. We have such a great gift to give to everyone. It is up to us as members to find!

A lesson I learned this morning is to not be so hard on ourselves. A sister in the YSA ward heard I was going home yesterday while we were in the car park and she came and hugged me cause she knew I needed it haha. She told me to reflect on my mission and see what Heavenly Father thought of it. I was like oh no I am way too harsh on myself I didn't want to fake revelation. President was able to offer me some really great insights. That its like a bunch of knots. Through out our lives we start tying knots. We think of ourselves as something we really aren't either we are too hard or we are not hard enough. It is hard to find out exactly what Heavenly Father sees. Him knowing me very well knows that I have many knots. But he said it is our job to start untying it. That we have to see ourselves in the right lens and know that we are trying. The spirit taught me to just keep relying on the Lord and apply all that I have learned. It applies to all of us. We know the basics we just need to do them. We need to ask for Heavenly Fathers help in all things and he can help us untie those knots. He can help us become the best person we ever imagined. I know it and I have seen it happen. I know Heavenly Father loves each one of us. I know that we all have knots for whatever reason and we need to undo them and we need to see ourselves accurately. 

I hope you all enjoyed your Sabbath day and were able to learn some things from church and are going to apply them into your life. I am grateful for my mission and the things it taught me. The gospel is so simple. I know that as we live the basics then we will strengthen our testimony and work wonders. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the true church on earth today, and I know that because I have read and prayed about the Book of Mormon, the prophet Joseph Smith, our current prophet President Thomas S. Monson and all the things I have been taught since primary. I know it is true, and I love it. I know that the Saviour Jesus Christ will come again, and he will come soon. I know how important missionary work is and I hope you all do too. 

I will see you all in a couple of days!

Ofa Atu,

Sister Boiteux

 Zone Conference. Sister Balli hands me the box and says "here you go Sister Boiteux it is all yours" and they expected me to eat it all hahahaha

Dinner with some wonderful Brazilians. Did she make Brazilian limeade? yes yes she did!

Saying good bye to some of my faves!

Comp Study with the assistants. I will miss getting food out of these elders :)

These crazies stopped by to say good bye and scared the day light out of us. Hooligans

Our Sunset sisters :)

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