Tuesday, January 31, 2017

18 Months Later...

Kia Ora,

Our week involved many changes. We received training earlier this week from the missionary department involving the schedule and key indicators. So everything I have learned for exactly 18 months is now changed. Obviously missionary work is the same but the way we approach things will be a bit different. We no longer have as many key indicators. For those of you who have not served missions or forgot what they are its goals that we set everyday of what we want to accomplish. They help us focus on our purpose and know what we need to do when we go out to work. It is what was inspired by Heavenly Father and also our mission president of what we need to do. Now we have a few less and lets just say I was stressing hard out this week. I realized I will probably struggle a lot more at home than I expect haha so this week will be good for me to get use to change. 
My poor companion had to suffer through the stages. I was happy then angry then sad then confused and all that jazz. The lesson I learned this week was God's ways aren't always our ways. It's funny because we go and teach that to people, but then something comes our way and it really puts us to the test. We have to exercise all the principles that we teach people everyday. I realized areas in which I lack a lot and I need to strengthen them. I know that the changes made were inspired by our Heavenly Father. That the apostles and other leaders counseled and pondered on the decisions made. 
I learned how important it is to be humble and to trust in our Father's plan even when we really dont understand certain things. In the eternal scheme of things what he wants us to do is far more important than what we want to do. Change is hard and can be uncomfortable and that is the beauty of it. If we never try new things we never learn. We can never taste of the goodness that may come from it. 
I am grateful for the inspired leaders of our church. For the time that they take to ponder on the issues and concerns that they have for all of us. I know that God answered their prayers and even when we don't understand he is still here to help us and to guide us.

I hope and pray that all of us are being willing to act on God's will. That we can align ourselves with him. I know that that is the only way for us to find peace and happiness. His way is the only way. I hope you all enjoy your Sabbath day. Have a great week! 

Love you heaps,
Sister Boiteux

Had zone pday. I was dying while everyone else was enjoying the fun game of capture the flag.

 How tongans cut their fruit.

We received chop suey. They know the way to my heart.

Trade off in Whangarei!! Love this sister with all my heart

18 months today!!!!! (my companion made a label)

Party with our faves.

Made cupcakes for a birthday party


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