Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Bay of Islands

This week was pretty great. Because we headed up to KAIKOHE!!!!!! We were able to go on trade offs with our sisters up there and it was great. I am so grateful we were able to have that opportunity. We saw quite a few members and people I worked with when I was serving up there 15 months ago. Some things have changed and a lot of things have stayed the same. We definitely didn't want to come back down.

We didn't have much time working in our own area this week, but when we did we were out there knocking on doors not having much success. We had a dinner with some members last night and a question he asked us was "how is tracting going in this area?" We were like uhh not as successful as we wish it could be. People just say "no thanks" or "we aren't interested" or something along those lines then shut the door in our face. At least it is nice rejection. Him and his wife shared miracles with us that come from tracting and we shared 3 Nephi 27:27 about becoming more like Christ and serving as he would. They just encouraged us to use questions of the soul when we knock on doors. It was an answer to our prayers. Tracting hasn't been the best thing in this area but is really our best option at times. We have been pondering on what we needed to do to find. So when he asked that it clicked for both of us that God wants us to keep going, that we will find someone behind a door we just need to exercise our faith, that I personally need to get better at having more effective talks with people and really applying the gospel into their lives. 

I know that every encounter we have with people will help them grow closer or farther away form the church, but if we are doing as Christ would do then it should always be drawing them to it. I know that the questions of the soul are real and that the gospel we have will be able to answer all of them. 

I hope you all have a great week and continue to work on your Christ like attributes and search for ways of inviting others to come unto him! Love you heaps!

pictures! (overload cause it was a good week)

Our travels up to Kaikohe. The first time for Sister Tuaana.

 The view from the Goings house. It was nicer when we were higher up. Cameras just dont do justice.

Our wonderful Paihia sisters!

Picture that sums up our companionship 

Waihou sisters! Love all these sisters too much!

Saw a few of the favs! Lol cause everyone was looking at me like they saw a ghost and then realized I haven't gone home yet! It was a good little reunion.

 Enjoying our last morning of the view and casually eating chicken for breakfast :)

The last moments up north!

Only 16 months ago to now!!

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