Monday, January 9, 2017

Plan of Happiness

Our week was pretty eventful. We took Sister Smith to the airport and made me freak out just a bit that I come home in just a few weeks! Time has just flown by. President also talked about in MLC about how time goes by way to fast and it will come to an end. Feel so bipolar at the moment. Some days I am excited and some days I am real sad but I know that much is still to be done. Sister Tuaana and I are currently in the finding process. Which means heaps of tracting. Good thing tracting can be entertaining and we meet awesome people so that's what keeps me going. 

A lot of our lessons from this week have been with the members. Something we noticed as we were going over our numbers yesterday was that almost every member we saw experessed how they needed us. Whether it be because they had a bad day, experienced something scary, or just needed to feel of the spirit. For that i was grateful. Even though we dont have a lot of other lessons or member presents we are still strengthening the ward we serve in. It is a humbling experience to hear people express to you their gratitude for just stopping by. Makes me grateful to know that the spirit truly is guiding my companion and I to Gods children who really need us. 

We were contacting potential investigators the other day and met a man who was working in his garden. He told us that he has met missionaries many many times and isn't interested. He doesn't believe in God. He told us how the past few years have been really hard it started with when his wife died, then his dad, then his brother, and close friends. He obviously wasn't interested in what we had to say about religion. but was happy to chat with us. He believes that once we die that's it. We just come to earth to experience trials and then die. It was depressing. We meet tons of people like this but when he was expressing to us his feelings and when we saw how sad he truly was it was heartbreaking. After we left him we talked about how grateful we are for the plan of salvation. That we know that this life isn't the end. That we truly will be able to return with our Father in Heaven and Saviour Jesus Christ. We know that families can be together forever. I wish people would be more willing to listen so that we can share this great gift with them. I know that Gods plan is perfect. I know that we experience trials to help us become better and stronger. I know that as we keep the commandments and become more like Christ we will be able to make it to the celestial kingdom. I am grateful to be a representative of Christ and to be able to share this message with others. I hope you all enjoyed your sabbath day and were able to learn from the testimonies that were shared. I love you all heaps!!

Sister Boiteux


 Adventures at the airport. Sister Tuaana is having a harder time about us leaving than we are.

First round of breakfast at MLC since i couldn't eat the waffles. Luckily Elder Hixon is gluten free so Sister Balli made me some gluten free french toast :) We are her special children haha

Comp study with the zone leaders. Some how we always manage to have them make us food :)

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