Monday, January 9, 2017

Tis the Season

Merry Christmas!!! 

Can't believe that this upcoming Sunday will be Christmas. 2016 has gone by way too fast and it is already time for us to come together as ward members and family and celebrate the birth of our Saviour. Always the best time of year. 

I have a few experiences to share about this week..

1. On Monday we went to go and get my hair cut. Before she started doing my hair she went and grabbed a magazine. I of course couldn't read it so we resorted to the awkward small talk, but then eventually got into actually getting to know her. She wasn't very religious and didn't know much about Christ. Before I started to get into our purpose as missionaries I froze. Literally had no idea what to say to this lady. I felt like I was at the beginning of my mission again freaking out because I didn't know what to do. I also didn't have a companion to jump in and save me because she was on the other side of the room. As I sat there I thought of a line in PMG from Elder Holland that says if you listen there is something in what they say that will highlight a gospel truth to which we can then testify. It was really humbling for me to be able to teach about the restoration. Could have taught it a lot better, but I was reminded of the importance of implying our message into their lives and helping them see how they can benefit from it.

2. We had a come and see fireside last night. Best one in a while. It was Christmas themed and the spirit that was there was the greatest. President was the last speaker and he shared a story of when he was a leader for young mens and at Christmas time the young men decided they wanted to do a sub for santa. President went to a place to see if there were any families that may need help and the lady told him that it was too late in the  season and she can't think of anyone. So he left with no one to give to. The next day that lady called him and said that she knew of a family that didn't ask for any help and may not be happy if someone did something for them, but she was willing to give the name and address for them to do something. President told the young men and they said "well we can try." They got some gifts together and somehow found a tree and realized they didn't have much to give. So the boys ran to their house and found some things that they could give to the family. When they went to go drop it off the quietly walked to the porch and set everything up. They rang the bell and walked away. As they were walking away he said they could hear the kids opening the door and calling each other to come and see. A few moments later it went quiet and they knew the mum had come. Expecting her to be upset they heard her yell out to them "thank you, and God bless you!" That is when they knew she received their gifts thankfully.

Obviously President told the story way better and in a lot more depth, but I am sure many of us have had experiences of giving during the Christmas season. I remember doing Sub 4 Santa when I was in high school and it was such a fun experience to be able to go and shop for a family in need and then deliver it to them. I reckon it was an incredible experience because it is something the Saviour would have done. He always thought of others rather than himself. I know that as we truly strive to become more like him and strive to help others that his light will always be with us. The Christmas cheer can stay with us all year. I hope you all have a Merry Christmas. Love you heaps!

Sister Boiteux


Please enjoy this wonderful reserve.

The Luki's are heading off to Australia. Last time we will get to see them. Love this family so much!

What Christmas in the car park looks like.

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