Monday, January 25, 2016

To Teach and Preach!

Kia Ora,

This week was CRAZY!!!!!
SO MANY MIRACLES AND BLESSINGS! Im tellin ya good things are coming in the East Tamaki Zone.
1. We got a call from our Zone Leaders on Tuesday telling us that they have a surprise for us. A few minutes later they called back with the Otara Zone Leaders... Apparently the Elders found us a new investigator and set her for baptism. They found out she lives in our area so we are her missionaries. It has been so fun to teach her and feel of her desire to change and be more like the Saviour. Their excuse for handing her over to us is "see sisters exact obedience brings miracles." Dang right it does. We just love her and cant wait for her to enter the waters of baptism. 
2. I am back with my MTC soa. Sister Tilini. Man she is crack up. Her companion went home on Wednesday so we are double covering their area until transfers. It is so hectic and we get lost all the time but it is so fun to be back in a big area and to talk to so many more people. Their investigators and members are choice. It may break my heart to leave them in two weeks. But all is well.
3. We had 8 hours of church yesterday. Then ate dinner and then headed to the come and see fireside. Never been so tired we literally sat all day but it was great to be uplifted by the incredible saints in the two wards we get to cover. We feel like it is a battle for the Sisters. But we are excited for the challenge and hope we can work some miracles in the short time we have together.

I love you all so much. I am incredibly grateful for all of you and your support to me. I love being a missionary. Sometimes it still doesnt feel real and i am like wait im seriously in New Zealand on a mission?! For anyone debating serving JUST SAY YES!! You will not regret it. I hope you all have an incredible week. I hope you learn something new about yourself and about the Saviour. 

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux


 I wore a red dress to church last week, I was told I match the rubbish bin, I look like a buddhist, my glasses make my eyes look big, and i have the same jacket as an elder. Lets just say i will never wear this again.

Went to have comp study at the chapel. I put the key in to unlock the gate and it broke. Sorry elders :)

Sister Afu died and is back in the 801

Back with Sister Tilini! (She is excited i promise)

Paige!!! The golden one :)

Nothing like a good jam session on a hot as day.

Stepping on a scale and it says 90! So i am happy that im under 100... then realize New Zealand uses kgs.... So apparently i have gained heaps of weight haha. Its broken.

Trio Power. Sister Lott didnt want to join in on the ice cream party.

Dont mind my poly companion but we have to stay cool at night so this is what we come up with!

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