Sunday, October 30, 2016

A Lack Of Wisdom..

This week was eventful. Never a dull moment when you are companions with an Aussie. We have had a few companion inventories mostly because one of us is having a mental breakdown about something. Its jolly good fun! We had interviews this week. It was mostly all about our health haha yeah we are that sad of a companionship. It has been determined that my companion has to get her wisdom teeth out which she is not looking forward too. But I am cause she is going to be crazy on those drugs. Because we are both always sick we have had a lot of time sitting at home reflecting on life. Only a few meltdowns about our lack of desire of going home. Kinda scared to go back to the real life and the fact that we only have a couple of months left so we have to start figuring out what we want to do. It has really made me grateful for my mission. My mission has helped me understand the importance of everything in the gospel so much more. I feel more prepared to go back to uni and to take it more seriously and have better study habits because I now understand the importance of education, I am excited for the callings I am given in church because all callings come from God and I will be able to serve others in the ward around me, I am excited for visiting teaching that I will be able to go and visit sisters that may need help or may not but will get it anyways, I am excited for reach outs! To go with the ward and our missionaries and help our less active brothers and sisters come back to the church, and of course excited to apply all that I learned in the mission field into the life of my future family.. way way down the road :) 

Scared because I love New Zealand all to much. I love the calling I have to represent the Saviour. I love being focused on others 24/7 and being able to have a badge that has His name on it. No greater calling than to be a missionary. I know we still have a while left of our mission but I am still grateful for all the blessings I have seen come throughout my mission. For the changes I have seen in others and in myself. I still have a lot of growing but I know my mission has helped me become into an even better person. 

Sister Graham and I are excited for this upcoming week and the work to be done in both of our wards. Its going to be crazy but it will be great. I hope you all enjoy your week and the adventures taking place in your life. Continue to see the blessings that come through the experiences the Lord gives to you. Love you all heaps!

Sister Boiteux

Intereviews! Sister Graham was taking ages.. So the assistants and I took some selfies. #intakebudies #favSTLs #shewasjealous

Had Quiana come out with us. Love our RMs

The life of Sister Graham and Sister Boiteux

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