Sunday, October 23, 2016

Oh Mylanta...

I hope that you all enjoyed your conference weekend. We are still waiting for it but I am sure it was wonderful. We got to watch the Womens Session this past Saturday and it was great! As always of course. I am grateful that the talks talked about the doctrine of Christ that they are again and again encouraging us to have testimonies and to be righteous saints who stand up for what we know to be true. I know that as we do listen to the counsel of our wise leaders we will not go astray. 
This week was really good for Sister Thompson and I. Something I have noticed throughout the week is that we have been asked heaps about the spirit. A few people have asked if we can tell that we have the spirit, or how do we know when the spirit prompted us, how do we know if its really the spirit, or just experiences we have had. It really made me reflect on my mission. How grateful I am for it that I have realized and understood how the spirit personally works with me. It works differently with all of us, and I know that he will always guide us and helps us to what we need to do, go, or say. We have really been encouraging our members to say meaningful prayers and as they do so listen to what the spirit tells them to do, and then act on those promptings. Sometimes the action is the hardest part. We contemplate on whether it was just a thought we had or if it was really the spirit. Maybe sometimes we really dont want to do what the spirit told us. But wise words from our ward mission leader "you never know if its a prompting unless you act." So we leave that commitment with all of you at home too. Pray, seek, and act. Miracles will happen.

A testimony shared in church yesterday by one of our members really hit home for us. She was talking about trials and how sometimes we just dont want to go through them or maybe we think we have done enough we finally hit the level of righteousness we need to be at and should just be translated. Sometimes we have that attitude, but there is always more that we can be doing. She shared a thought her dad would always tell her which is "When we stop having trials and challenges in our life is when we become complacent and prideful." I testify to the truth of that statement. When we stop yearning to grow is when we start being prideful and giving into temptation.

I hope you all learned from conference, and that you took something out of it that you can improve on. I hope you have a great week and keep growing and keep going!! Love you heaps!

Sister Boiteux


Took a photo op when the sun was going down behind the chapel!

I promise she enjoys backing me up!


 So I went to the doctors on Friday and they diagnosed me... dont worry I am not dying yet. But she put me on medicine and I can finally eat food again. So we missed our dinner time and we were able to go and get food after my appointment.. Some how our car took us to china town and we got chicken noodle soup. Had to just share that we were definitely the minority in the place. It was a jolly good time!

So Long elder... The two years for our zone leader has been accomplished!


Just my favourite sisters of all time!

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