Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Please Nourish and Strengthen Sister Thompson's Body...

Kia Ora,

This week was good this week was fun.. but it hasnt been real fun. Like for reals its been a long week. But we survived! Its actually been pretty crack up too. A few funny moments and other spiritual moments as well..

Story 1. We went to go and visit a less active family. She is an older lady and she told us her conversion story. She talked about when her daughter was in intermediate school one of her really good friends was a Mormon. So she asked her parents if she could start going to church with her friend. They allowed her too and so as she continued to go she eventually desired to be baptized. With her parents permission she was baptized and then one after another all 9 of her children were baptized. This member told us how she was a heavy smoker and drinker and wanted to be baptized but she knew she couldnt quit those things, she has tried before and it didnt work. The ward members told her how one of the elders fasted for 5 days just for her. A few other things happened as well and her heart was changed and she lost the desire to smoke and drink. Her husband followed a bit after and quit smoking and drinking as well. 
The moral of the story is. Because of that one friend from church an entire family was brought into the gospel. Because she decided to invite she was able to change the lives of so many people. My testimony really grew on member missionary work. That all we simply have to do is invite. They could say yes or they could say no. Regardless of the outcome Heavenly Father is still proud of us and that people are being prepared to receive the gospel every single day. 

Story 2. This week my stomach decided to go a little crazy and I have been put onto the b.r.a.t. diet. Lol at my life for anyone who knows how picky i am. This diet is bananas, rice, apple sauce, and toast. I will eat most of that but I havent had legit food since Thursday. Life is good. But we went to go and eat at our bishops house on Friday and we told them I wont be eating anything. So when we got there they all already ate as well so it was just my companion eating. So his daughter blessed the food and just prayed to nourish Sister Thompson. It was hilarious. That has pretty much been happening all weekend. I sit there admiring her food. While the members bring me out a piece of bland toast or a bowl of rice. It has taken a lot of will power to not eat yummy food.. may have caved once and it ended badly. So to also relate this somehow to the gospel. Sometimes we are given guidelines and we see all the "yummy goodness" the world is offering and we want to try it but when we do it ends up being good maybe for a moment then back firing and we taste that godly remorse and sorrow. I know that staying within the lines and doing what we are asked to do is so important. So grateful for general conference this upcoming weekend for all you Americans. I hope that you go into it with questions. That you are spiritually prepared to receive the messages Heavenly Father gives to us. That we can all be spiritually fed and uplifted. I hope you have a good week and I love you all heaps!

Sister Boiteux

We went to the American store last Monday. My goodness I was in heaven :)

Played sport with the Elders on Monday.. Lets just say we played hard and were only kinda covered in mud. Ultimate frisbee and American football!!

One night we get a call from Guin.. She decided to buy us a few articles of clothing.. A few minutes later we get a call from Kelly. They bought Sister Thompson a mattress protector. Then a few minutes later Guin returns with Pakuranga Pizza. Howick Ward everyone. We love them and all that they do for us!

What the car looks like when Harmony comes out with us.

Trade offs with Sister Lott. We had a spring clean for our ward activity. Bishop told us to clean the baptismal font since we will never be in there.. Ya know cause we dont hold the priesthood ;)

Feed at the Keungs. They all enjoyed their feast while I ate my rice and apples.

We went to a members house last night and they made me some toast that I got to take home cause all our bread is moldy. Funny story to go along with this visit...
Sister Thompson decided to inform them that I go home in 4 months (They are the stake YSA advisers) So as soon as she said that they both look at me and said "GET MARRIED!!!" Lol I was then telling them "I just miss Christmas, i just miss the uni semester, i just miss my sisters birthday, blah blah blah" And he looks at me and says "but you wont miss the right guy!!"
haha and so it begins!!! 

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