Tuesday, September 20, 2016

You Found Yourself A Good One!

Hello loved ones!!

This week has been hectic. Sister Lavaka finished her mission and headed home this past Thursday. So I got to spend a few days with Sister Lott and Sister Soderberg. I was expecting to receive a sister from the Philippines. She wasnt able to get her visa so I was companionless. On Friday president called and told me that I will be going to pick up Sister Thompson from another zone. She was in a trio. She is actually heading over to the New Mexico Farmington Mission... So Kylie when she is your companion be ready for some good Maori fun!!!

She is wonderful though. We are cracking up about whitewashing because aint nobody got any idea what is going on. Sister Thompson is pretty much related to the entire ward so you could say its inspired that she is here. 

Yesterday was Fathers Day in this country. We went and had dinner at a members house and their dad said "if every missionary would pray in unison about fathers day, the prophet would hear and receive revelation." So sorry that we couldnt get everyone together and call home. But happy fathers day round two everyone!!!

My message today is on the power of prayer. Sometimes I reckon we all feel like we are talking to a wall. That we can pray and pray but God wont answer us. Or that we are just talking to nothing. I know that God does hear us and does answer us in his time and in his way. Sometimes we are just too prideful to be able to hear the answer he gives us. We dont intend to be (hopefully) It just happens. As a missionary we pray heaps. Something I have grown more comfortable doing and my testimony truly has grown on it. The way we receive personal revelation is through prayer. Because God is our loving Heavenly Father he wants us to communicate with Him so He can communicate with us. Prayer is one of the greatest gifts we have been given. So if you are struggling even if you are not plea to Heavenly Father to help you. My companion was reading this morning in Enos about how he wrestled with God and that for the most part he prayed for people other than himself. Then she said how she hasnt really wrestled with God. I reflected and couldnt really think of many times when I prayed my heart out to Him. Every major decision we make should be taken to the Lord. Why? Because He knows all and He is here to help us. 

I love you all and hope you have a great week and feel of the wonderful spirit that comes with communicating with our Father in Heaven.

Sister Boiteux


Spending some time with these beauties. #provobuddies

Tama got baptized on Saturday!!

The RMs in our ward happen to be the best :) 

Sister stop its a hedgehog!!!!

The second first Sunday!!

Breakfast of champions!!

Saw my sweet Sister Trull today :)

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