Tuesday, September 20, 2016

It's Sister Missionaries!!!

Kia Ora mi familia,

This week was full of craziness. SO looks like I actually did get transferred I am now in Panmure, serving in the Howick Ward. Everyone is so young its crazy and its a nice as area too. So definitely different work than west auckland but still good, loving it thus far.

My companion is Sister Lavaka (served with her in Tamaki) She actually goes home in 2 days haha so I will be getting another companion this week.. they still dont know who she is but they know she is coming. We took over an elders area.The ward hasnt had sisters in at least 10 years. Everyone is pretty excited but their expectations are up there. It is fun though they help out a lot with the work and do their home and visiting teaching! We stopped by a members the other night and he was watching the all blacks game.. He asked if we wanted to come in and we asked if he was busy and he said "no just watching rugby" Lol we have learned not to interrupt rugby in this country. So we said oh sorry to interrupt and he said "no worries, the Lords work is more important!" We couldnt go in cause his wife wasnt going to be with us so we let him carry on. It was a funny little moment but really nice to hear members understanding how important the work is.

Seriously so excited to get the work moving here. A few girls are ready to come out with us and we just want to find, teach, and baptize!! It will be wonderful!!!! 

Dont really know what to share with you all rather than I know God is real. I know that we are his children. That we cant comprehend what he can. He just works through us to fulfill his will. Sometimes in the mission I wish things would go a different way or other things would happen. And because God loves me the opposite happens. Quite annoying sometimes haha but I know it is for my good and for my growth. I know that the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith, and is currently being led by Thomas S Monson. How lucky are we to be part of this church. So a few questions I will let all of you ponder on this week.. Why are you a member? and what does the restoration mean to you? 

Love you all heaps! Have a great week,
Sister Boiteux


Picture overload of Avondale. Love all my peoples! 

look at Brother Eterus sweats... LOL

Crying cause saying bye to these guys was the hardest thing ever!

The amount of stuff I have gathered over the 6 months in Waterview. Made transfers real hard.

My crazy samoan sisters!

the last episode of #keepingupwiththehalavakas

Starting a trend with Sister Soderberg that she will always be my companion on transfer day

Sister Lott is definitely companions with Sister Soderberg (called it) So i got to go with her to pick her up from the bus stop. Felt like I was picking up my sister after her mission, but we are still on it. May or may not have cried!
(yes I cry a lot)

My lunch... Tongan companion!


Sister Lavaka

When our Relief Society President asks us if we want to go for a drive... Its a Mercedes Benz! Howick Ward for ya

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