Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Please Plan Your Journey

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a great week filled with tender mercies from the Lord!

We had a good week. A pattern I noticed was the awesome power of the priesthood!!!  

On Saturday Sister Hobbs and I were walking around Avondale. A man stopped us and said "Oh it's the Mormon sisters! I have a few questions for yous!!" Wonderful! We stopped to talk to him and he asked if we had a restoration book. So we gave him a pamphlet and he started asking us if we believe the restoration is like when a car breaks down and you have to bring it back. So yes we agreed. He then asked if we believe in the Bible. As long as it is translated correctly, then we do. So he said "okay get out your bible and turn to 1 cor." Talked about how the gospel is the scriptures. Then asked us to turn to Hebrews 7. Which talks about the priesthood. Now this man was really pushing our buttons. He said the gospel was never lost and didnt need to be restored, and Christ has the priesthood so no one else does. I have no idea what he was on about but it was so frustrating because he would not let us talk. It was crack up cause I totally studied about the priesthood that morning. So we just testified of the need for the restoration and I couldnt help but think of my daddy and the priesthood he holds and how grateful I am for it. 

We also had an investigator who is struggling hard out right now. We stopped by her house and she told us how she is pregnant again. She already has two kids and now another on a way. She also isnt married. She expressed her sorrow on not being married and how hard it will be. When we left Sister Hobbs looked at me and said "Its so sad that having a child to the world is a burden, but for us in the gospel it is such a blessing." The eternal view of things. So grateful for the gospel and for the priesthood. We have been studying heaps on women and the priesthood because we were unsure of what we actually can do. So Sister Balli gave us a few talks to study. Today they taught me of the importance of the man and women in the church and in the home. That we are equal but not the same. Men hold the priesthood but they are not the priesthood. It was cool to remember the covenants made in the temple and when we are endowed we are literally endowed with the same power as the brethren. That the priesthood is used for blessing others not themselves. Elder Ballard gave a talk a few years back talking about the different responsibilities of men and women and the priesthood. A paragraph I really enjoyed says 
"Surely, if our eventual exaltation is Their essential goal and purpose, and if They are omniscient and perfect, then They understand best how to prepare, teach, and lead us so that we have the greatest chance to qualify for exaltation. Our Father in Heaven knows all, foresees all, and understands all.His comprehension, His wisdom, and His love for us are perfect. Surely we must agree that our Heavenly Father and His Son know which opportunities the sons and daughters of God need to best prepare the human family for eternal life.
Each of us has the privilege of choosing whether we will believe that God is our Father, that Jesus is the Christ, and that They have plan designed to help us return home to Them.This, of course, requires faith. Our testimonies, our peace of mind, and our well-being begin with the willingness to believe that our Father in Heaven does indeed know best."

 My testimony grew on the role of men and women in the church. That men cant fully establish an eternal family without a women. Both are necessary to create a family. I know that the teachings and ordinances in the church are so important for families to go to the eternities. I am grateful for my own family and that my parents understand each of their roles and what they are to do. And one day (not trunky) for me to have my own family too and be able to help my husband equally fulfil his priesthood duties. I know Gods plan is perfect. That he gives us things that help us grow because he knows us best and knows what we need.

I love you all heaps and hope you have a great week!

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux


Had FHE with Trent on Monday. Couldnt go inside so we definitely had a camp out in the drive way. 

Bishop and Sister Hobbs cheat. Can't play anything with them. Shame.

Sister Liki and I matched. Great minds think alike :)

Living with Samoan sisters results in chicken nibbles and chips for breakfast! 

We helped Anne Marie move some stuff around this week and I was helping Jess..  I asked her to get some stuffed animals and she looks at me and says "You are so American!! I cant understand anything you are saying." Lol. Sorry i meant soft toys... 

A sign that describes my life

My sacrament buddy. Love this little girl to the moon and back!

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