Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Living Below Your Privileges

This week was fast, cold, and wonderful.
We had interviews!!!! Where I completely got smashed by the spirit by President Balli. He is just great and I love him so darn much. A question he asked is "what am I going to accomplish the last 6 months of my mission?" Lol cause I have no idea. I have been thinking heaps and heaps about that and I want to cry every time thinking about how much longer I have left but also how short it is. He talked a lot about me seeing my privileges and not comparing myself because I am me and no one else is. 
My companion reminded me of the wonderful Mormon Message "your potential your privileges" Its about the man who goes on a cruise and only eats beans and crackers because he didnt know he could eat the food on the ship. He misses out on everything and just stays in his room and enjoys the view from the porthole. The Lord greatly rebuked me this week and taught me so much about myself and I am grateful for it. President committed me to setting personal goals on what I want to accomplish and I encourage all of you to do the same. Let Heavenly Father help you know what you can do. I was studying in 2 Nephi when I came across this scripture..
" 4:29 Do not anger again because of mine enemies. Do not slacken my strength because of mine afflictions."
Sometimes it is really easy to be down on ourselves. Especially when things dont go our way. We just dont understand Gods will for us. As missionaries we have things we struggle with baptisms not happening, no progress with investigators, the ward may be struggling, companion is struggling, we personally arent where we wish to be. Or at home with figuring out where to go to school, what to study, problems at work, problems at home, who will you end up with, where is life going to take you. There are so many things that we fill on our plate that we let weigh us down. When they should actually do the opposite. God is preparing us for something so great and so wonderful. I have had a bit of time this week to just reflect. Reflect on what I have accomplished in this year and what I get to accomplish in the years to come. Its exciting and scary, but so wonderful. When we let disappointment or frustration over take us we are literally giving in or giving up. When we should be reaching up for that divine help to help us reach our full potential. I was studying a talk by Elder Hales. One of my favourite from the October General Conference. It's called "meeting the challenges of todays world." I would encourage you all to read it and ponder on it too if you need some help with todays trials. My testimony of Gods love for me personally grew so much. I know I am a daughter of God with so much potential. With Gods help I can accomplish heaps. I learned from Elder Hales that taking time to come to ourselves is okay and its needed. That if we let Him, God will counsel us and guide us home.

I love you all and pray for you always. Have a great week and continue to find out your true potential. 
Sister Boiteux


So the fleas decided to attack us this week. We went to our Bishops and were scratching hard out and they asked what was going on. When they saw all our bites they freaked. It was so funny. So Sister Houma got me some lovely ointment that my body hates, but it helps the itching :) Go New Zealand!!

Dont scream. It's just a baby rat 

 I promise Sister Hobbs did enjoy holding these creatures. (Dont tell her I sent this home)

Brother Hall provided my new tracting shoes. These are comfortable and attractive right?

More from the Hankins. They had the cutest little furry animals!!! 

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