Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Single Pringle

This week was pretty good. We were able to witness a few miracles that I will share with you! 
Monday night:
We deep cleaned our flat this past week and had heaps of members bowls and plates so we decided to take them to the chapel after we ate dinner. We got over and wanted to leave a note but couldnt find a pen. So finally when we did we headed back out and discussed the moon. Because it is massive here and Sister Thompson doesnt believe its small in the states. Anyway, I tell you all this because as we were sitting in the parking lot a car drove down the ramp. We thought it was going to be Bishop or something but it was a south african couple. They pulled up next to us so Sister Thompson got out and started talking with them they asked what time church was because they went last week at 8:30 and no one was there. Church starts at 11. So we told them and they said they were interested in joining and they wanted to come. So we invited them and then told them we are actually the missionaries. They told us they will come check out church then let us know. We didnt see them yesterday but they will come one day we know it!

We had a district blitz on Saturday and we sent the elders to visit some investigators that we havent been able to meet them yet. They came back to report that we slack and apparently they have been waiting for us for a few weeks now. Anyway, They ended up giving him a blessing and then coming back and telling us that he is ready to be baptized and he just needs to be invited. They got a return appointment too so we will go see him this week it was pretty cool. 

Also the single pringle... Yeah an embarrassing moment for me. Definitely went into a ladys home thinking she was a member and turns out she wasnt and had no idea who we were.. When she gets baptized it will be a real miracle ;) Love you all heaps and hope you have a good week. God is good and all things work out in his time and his way. Didnt see a lot of miracles happening this week in the way they did. Sometimes the people we think are so ready really arent and the ones we dont expect just come out of no where. I love my calling and I love the people I serve. Thanks for all your prayers. Have a good week!

Sister Boiteux


Made a homemade cake for our district leaders 1 year.. really its just our left overs but he doesnt need to know.

our chapel! And a mediocre picture of the sunset

'Murica and our new blankets the Clements brought us :)

Guys I keep seeing my beloved peoples from Tangaroa Ward. Tangiwai and her baby Kumorah. She had this baby at the end of my time in Tamkai. She is now 8 months old... 

Did some of our favourite peeps just bring us a massive box of Swiss Miss? why yes they did. We love them!

thought you might chuckle like my companion did. We have no toilet today and i have been dying!! its torture!

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