Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Avondale Sisters

This week has been super busy. I wish we could have recorded every day so you could relive it with us. I cant tell you all that happened but will share a few fond memories. We got bashed every. single. morning. My goodness we have no idea what happened. God was either testing our patience or wanted us to share our testimonies. Maybe both. Don't worry we did well with not smashing them, we just testified and walked away. We had heaps of appointments this week and not all of them fell through! That never happens in this area!! Saw a few of our investigators that we haven't seen in ages and it was nice to see them and see what they are still learning. 

This week I wanted to share the love that I have for my sweet Avondale ward. Been here for just a few months and probably a few more to come but they are just wonderful people. I cant really state what has happened but because of events my love for them has grown. I was able to testify of the love that God has for all of us. That yes we could be doing better with missionary work. It would be nice for our planners to be full of appointments, for members to help our every day. In reality that doesn't happen, but that doesn't make them bad or evil. It makes us human. I know that each person in this area was here for a reason, I am here in West Auckland for a reason. I reckon this area has taught me the most about how the church works, about the role of leaders in the ward, the priesthood, and how challenging missionary work actually is. Sometimes I do get down. Its hard to see people not helping or people not progressing. Struggles with everything. Being in an area for 6 months and feeling like I havent accomplished anything. The typical missionary things. But yesterday at our come and see it was down in Otara. My last area. Where Sister Hobbs and I both served (just a fun fact). We sat in the back and we turned around and saw Joy. One of the less actives in Tangaroa ward. Then saw my two favs run in. They saw me and waved hard out and ran to me and said "SISTER BOITEUX SISTER BOITEUX!!!" In the middle of a fireside lol. Dont worry not many heard. I wanted to cry, I was in that area 6 months ago and two 9 year old girls still remember me. It felt good to know that I did help someone even if it was the primary kids it was someone. Not trying to be all wo is me, but it was a humbling moment when I really felt the spirit of the Lord strengthening me and helping me know that I am doing alright and that I help people even when I dont realize it. So same goes for all of you. You never know who you impact. It could be an older person or a little child or someone around your age. Just small simple acts of service can really change someone's life. I am so grateful for my areas and all the people I have come to love so much.

I hope you are all having a great Sabbath day and are enjoying the peacefulness that comes with it! 
Kia Kaha,
Sister Boiteux


Last P-day we went and played pool. Definitely went against Elder Murdock So Jo vs Herriman.. I may or may not have lost. He was supposed to play the sister card ;) 

Waterview Zone!!

Dont mind my frumpy missionary clothes.. We had a zone blitz in the elders area so I got to knock on the Wisharts old house. It was a sweet moment for me :)

The Nocks moved down from Keri Keri so we called the troops in to help unpack. May or may not have gotten some kettle corn and we were a wee bit happy! While the Elders had some fun time playing darts. We are real productive people.

Also definitely didnt plan this.. But Sister Liki and I matched again!! :)

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