Sunday, July 31, 2016

Live By and For the Mission!

Some funny events happened this week. (to me maybe not to you) But I will go through some of the days... 

Monday: We decided to head out to the end of our area. The elders wanted to go on a hike. Which resulted in us driving around heaps of turns and we got real car sick. The view was pretty but our stomachs were not happy. So on the way home I felt even more sick and I was debating on asking to stay in but we couldnt miss another FHE with a certain family. So we went and it ended up in me throwing up at their house because I was so sick. Lol @ Sister Boiteuxs life sometimes. So we had to go home early. Which meant we stayed in on Tuesday because I was not doing well. Also my contact infected my eye on sunday so i was banished to wearing my glasses all week. If I had a dollar for every time someone commented on them or told me I was blind I would be rich as :)

Wednesday: We had a mission tour. Elder and Sister Haleck. Elder Haleck is now the new Pacific Area President. Training was really good. Everything President and Sister Balli, and Elder and Sister Haleck gave training on is what we needed to hear. After the tour one of the assistants came up to me and said Elder Haleck wanted to meet with me. Lol you can say I was a bit nervous. It was a really neat experience though. He chose a few of us that he personally wanted to interview and I was lucky enough to be one. It was nice to get some counsel and spiritual upliftment from him. He testified that God loves me and cares about me. Which I can testify about all of you too. When you are struggling and going through hard things. Its not because God hates you or wants to punish you but he knows you can grow so much from it.

Saturday: We had trade off!! I was able to go with Sister O'Reilly down to Otara. Back to South Auckalnd. I love it down there so much. We met some pretty funny people. They just white washed the area so we were figuring it out together. We had dinner with a member family and they commented on how skinny I was. So they brought me out two pieces of steak and Sister O'Reilly only had one. So I finished my two pieces and they offered another. Which I declined... Yeah they still brought me one. Sister didnt even have to finish her first piece and I had to eat all of mine. Gotta love the south. It was crack up I was so stuffed. We then went on another trade off that night with the Tongan sisters. Avoided every opportunity for someone to feed us or I would have popped.
We got home and had to call President cause my license expired and I can no longer legally drive here since I have yet to recieve my NZ license. He was like "WHAT?!?!" It was quite funny. So Sister Hobbs is beyond excited that she got to drive yesterday and today until I get my temporary license. 

Sunday: We got to sit by children. One came and sat by Sister Hobbs then another came a few minutes later to sit by me. It was so cute! We went to a members home for dinner and we watched some Book of Mormon stories. The living scriptures videos. Pretty sure sister and I were more into it than the children, but it was the greatest thing to watch. I Learned so much from the video and loved at how simply they made the gospel. Because it is the gospel is simple. Sometimes when we dont understand it we just need to break it down and teach it or study it like we were going to share it with children. It makes so much more sense. I am grateful for the gospel. I love my mission and every experience that we have every day. I know that this is the Lords work and he has so much in store for each of us. I pray for you all every day and hope you are doing well!!

Also shout out to my Glenmoor 10th wardies.. Thank you so much for the letters you sent me. Cried my eyes out when I saw all of them. You are all amazing and strengthened me so much this week. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers.

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux


Last Pday we had an adventure out in Huia.

Saw Sister Miko at the Mission tour. 

Elders came to celebrate my one year with a box of pizza. Jokes on us because they had a spicy as piece and Sister Hobbs got it.

Trade off with Sister O'Reilly. She spoiled me on my year mark. Funny to have Sister Christiansen as my STL. Love them both so much!

Dont let my smile deceive you. No bueno to not driving. 

Vina moved back to Aussie so we went to go and say bye to her. Something about my recent converts that sends them overseas. Haha love her heaps though!


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