Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Six Month Stretch!

Hello loved ones!!

Transfer news. I stayed in Waterview woohoo. Six months in an area. My new companion is Sister Hobbs. She goes home in 3 months and she is from England!!! She is also a ginger haha she reminds me a lot of Olivia and Kylie and Mikayla. How is that possible? I dont know. But it is great. We are ready to change things up and work some miracles in this area. 

This week has been a little every where. Tuesday Sister Fonua left for Mississippi so I was in the North shore with Sister Ottley and her other daughter Sister Lemalu. Then on Wednesday I was with Sister Soderberg and Sister Cluff in Panmure then picked up Sister Hobbs who just left Whangarei. Then Wednesday night we had to move flats because Waterview finally has other sisters than just us. Gotta love living with samoan sisters. It has been crazy and hectic and wonderful.  God knew we had to move flats again to keep me sane in this area ;) 

My companion taught me a pretty cool principle the other day. We were having companionship study and she shared a story in the Book of Mormon. Found in Alma 47. It talks about how Amalickiah brought his armies to the mountain where Lehonti had his army. He kept sending notes up to Lehonti telling him to come down from the top of the mountain and he wouldn't do it. So finally Amalickiah decided to go up the mountain not all the way but pretty close and told him to come down. So he did they came off the mount and yes surrounded Amalickiahs army, but then eventually Lehonti was poisoned and killed and Amalickiah became the king just as he wanted. 
She related this to us. That today satan doesn't expect us to go from a temple patron, attending church every sunday, praying, reading scriptures to going to the pub down the road smoking and drinking all in one night. Because he knows we won't do it. He does it by gradually having us come down the mountain. He starts by saying "oh you stayed up to late last night you should just sleep in you don't have to go to church in the morning." He makes tv and other literature more entertaining than sitting down to have a good scripture study. Makes a temple session sound a little bit too long one day or makes us irritated because of how long the wait may be at the temple. He does it by slow and simple means until we are at the bottom of that mountain surrounded by him. He knows our potential and he will do everything and anything he can to stop us from getting there.

I hope you all remember that the Saviour is on our side. He wouldn't do anything to us or tempt us with anything bad. All good things come from God and all bad things come from satan. That because we are on his team we don't need to and shouldn't come down from the top our mountain and fall into satans trap. Obviously none of us are perfect but because of the Atonement we can strive to become better. I hope you all have a great week. Know I love you and pray for you always.

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux


 Zone Pday!! Cheesy smiles with this sister :)

A day with my mum and sister!

Sister Dohnt and Sister Taylor were heading home and stopped by to say good bye. Love those sisters. 

The view in Harbour!

Sister Hobbs!!!

Is this a dishwasher? yes yes it is. We also have a dryer too. This flat isnt as bad as we thought it would be :) Kicked the elders out and moved the best sisters in ;)

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