Thursday, November 10, 2016

The Accidental Gardner

We finally got to work this week!!!!! We left the flat and I didn't have to stare at the same walls all day! Our first day of work one of our members set up an appointment for us to teach one of their friends. I love member missionary work so darn much. Before we went in the lesson we talked with our member and he was sharing a few of his missionary experiences with us.We were sitting in their backyard and he showed us their silver beet and an avocado tree both of which he just threw the seeds on the ground and then they eventually grew. He didn't even intend for them to grow. Then he related it to missionary work. We are here to plant seeds and sometimes we don't expect them to grow but then out of no where someone pops up and is ready for the message. Then eventually we end up with a few avocado trees and silver beet plants. He shared a lot of good insight from him reading "The Power of an Everyday Missionary" it was a testimony builder to me to see that he desired so much to share the gospel with everyone that he could not matter what the out come is. I know he truly understands his purpose as a son of God and he loves the Saviour enough to do as He wants to be done.  

A scripture shared with us yesterday was 4 Nephi 1:15. 4 Nephi talks about how the Nephites and the Lamanites were all converted to the Lord so there was no contention in the land. The question the sister asked us was "what can we do so the love of God can dwell in our hearts?" So that is the question I leave with all of you today. What do you need to change or do so the love of God can dwell in your hearts? I know that sometimes or a lot of the time it requires sacrifice, but the blessings for doing such things is worth it. I know that the work we do as members is so important. I hope all of you are striving to see what you can do every day to serve the Lord and that you are also looking for missionary moments. 

I hope you all have a great week!
Kia Kaha,
Sister Boiteux

MLC results in bad pictures and funny times. Possibly Sister Lotts last one. Can't believe she is heading home so soon!

When your companion finds her place to sit on your lap when she has her own chair... Unity?

Trade offs with Sister Torres. Our members loved us and brought us burger fuel for lunch. Love learning from our sweet sisters!

Visited Herbert and he so kindly kept reminding me of how terrible I looked that day. So I went home and did this.... The 20kg mission is a real problem. The ice cream was delicious though :)

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