Tuesday, May 24, 2016

We Finish Each Others.. SANDWICHES

So I had this huge as idea for an email. Then my family sent me stuff about my brothers wedding and my heart broke then was put back together and im just completely excited for Rylee and Dylan to get married. Honestly crying because I want to be there so badly and I want to witness the sealing but alas I am in the greatest country ever doing the greatest work ever so I just have to deal with it. I am so excited for my brother to get married. With the sealing I have witnessed I remember the wonderful spirit that was present and just the good happy vibes that were in the temple and then of course after at the reception. So I am extremely proud of them for making it to the temple so that they can be with each other for eternity. Nothing better than that promise they will be making! Marriage truly is ordained of God, and I know that as you grow closer to the Lord you will grow closer to each other. I hope that all of you are trying to improve on your relationships with others even if you aren't married. Just stop looking inwards and start reaching outwards. Serving others is the greatest way to be happy. Its also a great way to strengthen your testimony and to grow closer to our Saviour Jesus Christ. Strip yourself of all pride and be humble so that the spirit can lead you and guide you every day to someone who needs you. 

This week was tough. My companions first week of having a day of pure rejection. Poor sister. But really we had doors slamming and people ignoring. All the missionary fun just piled onto us. Although it was tough and rejection was real we still received many blessings. We saw Gods hand so much in the work this week. He has prepared so many of his children in our area and as we started to work harder and go find them they started coming to us. I hope you all know that you may not be a missionary with a badge on but you are still a missionary. You are the message of our church to others around us. So I hope and pray that your example is a good one. You never know when someone you have come across will finally be ready for the message of the restored Gospel. I love you all. I know this church is true. I love it with all my heart. Congrats Rylee and Dylan I love you so much and hope that everyone enjoys the wedding this weekend!

Ofa Atu,
Sister Boiteux


1. Skyping the familia!!!

Because I love family <3

Is this a german shepherd? am i missing stryder? is this real life? yes to all of them. This dog we named buddy. He was barking his head of and then we mesmerized him with our doggie talk. Haha we are best friends now.

Sister Latu made us pueletahas. Went to come and see and everyone was like "wow you two are matching!" 

Typical companion unity picture

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