Tuesday, May 24, 2016

The Atonement After All We Can Do

Hello everyone!
I hope you all had a fantastic week full of the spirit and a wedding that im sure was the greatest thing ever. Our week was long. It was good though. Always filled with the spirit and wonderful experiences that are making us grow. We had trade offs this week and I was with Sister Cluff. We had an appointment with a referral we were able to receive. So we went to her home and she was all sweet and lovely and let us in. Turns out she is a born again christian. So we were in her home for a good hour or so. It was actually a really eye opening experience for all of us. If anyone knows that religion they really believe in the atonement and that we are just saved through the grace of Christ. Which is true but also not. There is more to it. 
After we got out of the appointment we were talking about what just happened and how sad it is that some people think repenting once is enough, that it literally doesnt matter what you do in this life you will automatically be saved because you believe in Christ.
Then there is our church who believes in the atonement and the grace of Christ as well, but we also believe in works. We realized that for us sometimes we focus more on the works instead of our faith in Christ. My companion and I were listening to a talk by Brad Wilcox. Such a powerful talk if you have time look it up. Its called "the atonement after all we can do." Anyway, he talked a lot about our works here on earth and how sometimes we focus too much on what we have to do to get into the kingdom of God and we forget about who we need to become. We are human beings not human doings. A principle he talked about as an example was tithing. He said someone who earns 1,000,000 pays the same percent of tithing as a person who earns 1,000. Sometimes people wish they earn more so they can pay more, but it isnt about the offering its about the offerer. God cares more about who you are and who you are becoming. 
We also had our Stake Conference this weekend. It was so powerful. Our stake president talked about how we all have received a return ticket to heaven and its up to us to use it. He talked about how the sealing in the temple is our passport to the Celestial Kingdom. It was just powerful to know that we all have the same purpose here but our circumstances are completely different. God truly does love us and knows exactly what each of us are going through. So when you are struggling and when you want to give up. Remember God does not expect you to be perfect, he just expects you to try. He did not put us here on earth to fail. Rely on the atonement and strengthen your faith in Christ. Make sure you believe in grace just as much as you believe in works. I love you all and hope you have an amazing week! 
Sister Boiteux

P-day clothes. We love disney.

While you were all at the wedding we were enjoying dinner on the grass by the beach :)

Our two crazy investigators. Love them like my own brothers!

Vina got baptized yesterday! So proud of her. Love her crazy. 

Rainy Sunday. But I love my sweet companion. Miracles happen in the rain!

ADVENTURE IS OUT THERE! I love my calling! (my companion trying to be a photographer) ;)
Okay the pictures are done now. Love you all heaps :)

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