Monday, June 20, 2016

Life's Drama

Hello everyone! 

I hope that you all had a fabulous week and enjoyed every day! Our week was full of rain, rain, and more rain. Its definitely winter time here in NZ, but we love it! Our message of the week is lifes drama. Based on the new mormon message by the church. It is a powerful message so if you have time to watch it. Take it and then ponder on what you can do to use your agency in a better way. The message behind the story is "it's not my fault." The man in the video wasn't taking responsibility for his poor choices which led to other events that could have been prevented. As my companion and I pondered on this message it really just made us think of our agency. Every decision we make leads to a consequence whether it be good or bad. We had some crack up events happen to us this week. 

1. We had an investigator who is kinda hard to teach. Never really able to sit down and chat with her. One day she offered us some tea. Which is what everyone always offers us in this area. Drives us nuts. Anyway, we said we arent allowed to drink tea and she brought it out anyways. Lol. So we sat there for a good 10 min just staring at the cup full of the word of wisdom. Thats when we had to make the decision of drinking it or taking it back to her and telling her we cant have it. The little voice in our head was saying "it is okay to drink it, Heavenly Father knows. You can repent and it will be fine. You dont want to offend her." Seriously thats all we heard. So we looked at each other and said "choose the harder right than the easier wrong." We walked into the kitchen and explained to her why we cant have it and all was well. Not sharing that to be like. Oh look at the sisters making righteous choices. But sharing it because honestly making the right choice can be hard. We sometimes dont want to do it. Whether or not its because we could offend someone or we just dont want to put in the effort of doing something that is harder than the wrong thing, but it is possible and it is worth it. 

2. We were visiting some members and he use to be a bishop. He was telling us about how his members would use their tithing money to buy food for ward activities instead of paying their tithing. Went on to explain more of the situation, and their words of wisdom to us were "be praised by the Lord, not the people." So true because a lot of times we give into peer pressure we want others to like us. So we make the choice to do things that make us seem more "cool" when in all honesty its not. The only person we should be trying to please is our Heavenly Father and do things that he wants us to be doing. 

3. This week has been really focused on our personal agency. I thought of things I have done in the past, things my friends have done, people I see here in the mission field and what they have done. And the domino effect of everything. One choice always leads to another. But those choices we make dont define us. Yes we went through them we made those choices, but we dont always have to dwell on the negative ones. They are there so we learn and grow. So we can be refined and come unto Christ. Change can be hard, but if its what is needed then do it. Remember that you are an agent unto yourself. You can change the circumstances you are in. You can become better.

I love you all. And I know that Jesus is the Christ, I know agency is a gift we were given from our Heavenly Father and that it is so important that we make right choices. I know that we can return to him again and how great will that day be when we can say "We did all we can" and He can say "i'm proud of you!" I hope you all have a great Sabbath day!

Love always,
Sister Boiteux


Had dinner with the Eterus. Was she reping a U of U hoodie? Yes yes she was. BYU PRIDE!

Took Ofa out with us! Love when we have members join us.

We witnessed a miracle the other day in a part member familys home.. Sister was so excited she started running down their yard and it was raining and she was going to fast and slipped and fell right on her back. Lol she was covered in mud.

When Sister Boiteux says something crazy. It's like woah!

Ninja sisters. Thats all we gotta say. (tell you the full story when i get home) ;)

Our friend Alex the bird.

We love visiting Swati!!! She was a miracle of weekly planning!

You probably can't tell but it just poured hard out and we got drenched. Gotta love the NZ weather

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