Monday, June 20, 2016

Climbing Mt Everest

Kia Ora, 

I hope you all had a fantastic week. first off.. HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! To my wonderful American padres. You will have another Fathers day in a few months but I truly hope you know how grateful I am for every man who is like a father to me and who has helped me become who I am today. Especially my daddy, grampa, and Jeff. You are all incredible wonderful men and I love you heaps! Definitely grateful for the priesthood and all the men who are worthy to hold such a wonderful gift. 
We were at a less active familys home on Monday and we watched some videos on family and they were all really centered on the father. It filled me with so much gratitude for fathers and all that they do and all that they sacrifice. A lot of things you do go unnoticed. I know my dad can drive me nuts at time. But the advice I got from him, Jeff, and my grampa truly helped me through my trials. I was blessed with the best. So thank you!  

This week has been focused on miracles!!! We were walking to contact a referral and a sweet old man was walking up a hill. We ran up to him to talk with him and we asked where he was heading and he said "Oh i'm just climbing Mt Everest." It was a pretty massive hill we were out of breath as well ;) But it made me think that sometimes we don't know how we are ever going to get to the top of our mountain. It seems hard, it seems impossible or unconquerable. Yet we keep putting one foot in front of another and eventually get to the top of that mountain just to get to the bottom of another. The wonderful thing about it is God. God is right there with us every step of the way. He has given us tools to use to be able to get through those things.Every day we have been looking at the miracles we were blessed with. Some days weren't exactly as we planned we had hardships but there was always a silver lining to those days. Being a missionary is the greatest thing ever. I love it. We felt the spirit in a greater abundance this week and we know it's because we tried a lot harder to be better. We know that living the gospel and learning more about the Saviour brings so much peace and happiness into our lives. I love you all heaps and hope you have a great week!!

Kia Kaha,
Sister Boiteux


"come come ye chicken" Is what my companion said. When we don't get fed we make our own feed :)

This cheeky little boy just made our night!! We told him to smile and this is what we got.

Our first ward activity in ages. Turned out to be a success! Love Avondale ward so much. We had the Elders come and do push ups for eternal life. It was a grand experience.

Got to our bishops and the kids found out my favourite animal is a dolphin.. they brought out a massive as stuffed animal and I about died with happiness!

Ignore our nastiness, but we were having lunch and someone (*cough Sister Boiteux cough*) left the lights on in the car so our battery was dead. So we called one of our members who we were going to do service for to come save us. We tried the car a few times and it wouldn't work. So we waited a few minutes and then decided to just try it again and the car turned on so our member didn't have to drive and save us. Lesson learned. Lights will forever be checked to see if they are off :)

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