Monday, June 20, 2016

The Lady in the Museum

This week was full of miracles. I can't even begin to explain how spiritual this week was. I haven't had one like it in a long time and it felt so good to go out every day and fulfill our purpose then come home and collapse because we are so tired. This is truly what missionary work is about. Inviting others to come unto Christ. How great is my calling!! This week we have seen less active members overcome so many trials and humble themselves and come to church or call us for help when they needed. We have been able to visit investigators who have turned us away countless times and where able to testify to them of the restored gospel. We have been in members homes and invited them to strengthen their faith in Christ. The spirit that comes from testifying is one of my most favourite feelings. 

One of the most incredible things in missionary work is how thin the veil is. Countless times this week we have felt the help from the other side. Truly the Spirit is preparing the hearts of the people and helping us when we are in their homes. A few experiences from this week..

1. Jeannie. She is an 85 year old woman that we met on the street. We went back to visit her and she found out it was my birthday. So she let us in so she could give me two biscuits and some juice. She cracks us up. When we walked in, her walls and couches and everything were filled with dolls and stuffed animals and other little things that she has received from people over the years. She kept telling us "don't mind my museum!" It was the cutest. It really made me think of our own personal lives. How we collect things over the years they could be physical or they could be mental things that we put on our shelves and leave them their. They can be good or they can be bad. But either way we learn from them and from time to time we reflect on them to make us better people.

2. A wonderful less active member that I adore with all my heart. She told us how her husband made her choose between him or the church. She choose the church. Now for any person im sure that would take a lot of strength to do. I looked up to her so much that day and still do. The blessings she will receive from that one small but very large decision. 

3. We just visited Brother Eteru so we were on a spiritual high and we talked with a man. Instantly he told us we need to worship Jesus Christ and not Joseph Smith. My sweet sweet companion tried to teach him and tell him things and he just tore us down piece by piece. Letting us know that we are a cult and that we are going to hell. Lol. It was really funny. I just had a smile on my face and he looked at me and said "you have a silly look on your face, im serious go home and research what your church actually teaches." people crack me up sometimes. After he was done giving his sermon and tried to ask us questions and break our faith we walked away. Sat in the car and prayed. How grateful I am for a testimony on the Saviour Jesus Christ, for the knowledge that we have of the restored gospel. That it was restored through the Prophet Joseph Smith. That Thomas S. Monson is his successor and our living prophet on earth today. Im grateful for people who try to smash us because it strengthens my testimony a whole lot more. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter day Saints is true. God loves each and every one of us. We are his children. The spirit guides us and leads us to people who really do need us. You have a testimony that can change some ones world. Go out and share it. 
I love you all heaps. Thank you for the birthday wishes :)

Sister Boiteux


Service at Brother Halls. He has one arm so we showed up just in time to help him lay some cement. 

Zone conference. My dream companion is now a sister training leader. Lol so there goes that dream. But it was awesome to see them. Also finally got a generation photo. No longer a failure :)

Helped the Raos move

One of our favourite familys. They have 9 kids. 4 sets of twins. 

Birthday. The elders were so kind and made me some cakes! 

Jeannie! She had us sign her sign bear :)

We had an ant infestation so this is what our kitchen currently looks like.

The Shardinands fed us and made me an upside down pineapple cake for my birthday. Avondale Ward is thee best. 

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