Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Don't Be a Dinosaur

Kia Ora,
This week was filled with miracles on miracles on miracles. Seriously being with a sister who just left MTC has been the best thing ever. She has taught me SOOOO much. Im sure she is dying being my companion but I just love her so much and never want her to leave to Mississippi. Honestly I wish you could have all been here to see the hand of the Lord here in New Zealand. Now is the time to harvest. 
A few days ago we went and visited one of our less active members. He cracks us up. For some reason he looked at me and said "Sister.. Don't be a dinosaur." Hahaha I was so confused, but as I have been pondering on that statement it made me think of our missionary work. Some missionaries are extinct. They just do the same thing every single day. No progression. They just go through the motions. Others they see the target they want and they just go for it. Not afraid of anything around them. Some dinosaurs just eat leaves and others just eat meat. They are picky for the things that they want. I have no idea where im going with this analogy it just made sense in my head haha but i really learned this week is for the missionary work to get done we cant just sit here. We cant just be dinosaurs and be lazy and do the same things we have been doing and be picky about who we talk to. My companion is honestly whipping me into shape right now, the changes we have seen in our area is because of the faith that she has I know it. Im grateful I get to be here and witness what the Lord is doing for us. 
The reason I share all of this nonsense with you is because now is the time for us to do missionary work!!! To be able to hasten the work and bring souls unto Christ we have to invite. Invite every one. For people who may not have any nonmember friends then invite less active members to come back or just love them and serve them and by your Christ like example they will come back! Put your faith in Heavenly Father and do more than you have been. Then you too can see miracles just as we have been. We can no longer be lazy dinosaurs we need to be walking right next to the Saviour and helping him in this marvelous work. There is no greater thing to do then be participating in the greatest work here on earth. I love you all so much. I hope you have a fantastic miracle filled week. 
Sister Boiteux


We got to see Vina this week!! Miss those ladies so darn much!

Zone training.. we took a hike :)

Beautiful views=photo time

P-day adventures!

When you walk down the road and clean up the side walk with your skirt.. 

Trent! When your miracle of the day is sent all the way down from Kerikeri to cheer up your companion

What is life officially hit half way!

Want to make someones day? Leave a note on their door :)

Mission birthday party.. round two in 3 months cause 9 months only matters for me haha :) 

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