Monday, April 25, 2016

Your Companion Knows You..

This week was full of wonderful and beautiful miracles. Seriously I haven't felt the spirit like this in quite some time and it has been great. Dropped Sister Fifita off in Panmure on Wednesday then picked up my daughter Sister Fonua that afternoon!!!! This is how the event happens...
So we pull up to the mission home and im just hanging with the Sister Training Leaders then President comes out and tells the trainers to come up. So we walk to the door and I shake Presidents hand and the first thing he says is "Your companion knows you..." I was so confused hahaha so the assistants showed me her name and you got it right. (I cant say her first name anymore) But its Sister Fonua. She is from NZ. Her parents live up in Keri Keri so I served in their branch for a few months. They were the family I was closest with. So Sister Fonua would come out with me and my companions all the time and make us yummy food and what not. So I ran up the stairs and she saw me and it was a sweet reunion. To make it better she didnt know i was her trainer haha President came up and told her and she freaked out more... Lets just say he will have his eye on us. It was a wonderful little tender mercy for the both of us. Sister is actually just waiting for her visa to head over to Jackson Mississippi. So im just training her until she leaves to my country.

Sister Fonua is just so full of faith and diligence and has already taught me so much about missionary work. I have learned heaps from her. The amount of miracles we have seen in the past 5 days has been crazy, and we know its because of our faith and our obedience. So many times us as members can look at commandments or other practices of the church and not really understand the importance of them. We are just taught them so we keep and that's it. But they are more than just rules or guidelines that we have been given. They are here for our protection and they are here to make our faith grow and our relationship with Christ grow as well. A lot of people here always say "Oh the Mormon church you have all those rules." You can look at them as rules or you can look at them as blessings. They truly are blessings that help lead and guide us home. And as we are obedient to them we are trusted with more and more from our Heavenly Father. I promise that if you start studying why we do what we do and see them the way God sees them your love for the gospel will grow and that things that seemed hard to keep will soon become part of your life and you will love them and see how much it blesses your life. I love you all and am grateful for your prayers and your thoughts. I hope you all have a good week!

Sister Boiteux


I just love her!

 We named this cat Simba. We were walking around our neighborhood last night and this cat would not stop following us. He was our angel in a miniature form haha

Family Photo. I had twins this transfer. A son and a daughter good kids! :) Elder Wall is training Elder Taranaki #bestdistrictever

Trip to the city! Sky tower!

New Zealand sunsets never get old

When the chapel smells you have district meeting outside!

The generations. My great grandma went home and my grandma didnt come to the mission home but its still cute :)

She really wanted to experience what its like to ride a bike on the mission... I think we both need to work out cause we died.

Got to Natashas and saw her wearing a seahawks jacket. She cracks me up hence my position. But had to take this for my mom and family in washington :)

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