Monday, April 18, 2016

We Need Women Who..

Hello hello!
Welp this week was busy as. Not the kind of busy that we like but thats ok it was still good. We know miracles are coming to Avondale soon enough. We dropped pretty much all of our investigators so we are on a clean fresh slate which is good since transfers is on Wednesday! A time to start over and find those elect souls. On thursday we were able to go to Panmure for Sister specialized training! It was so great to be able to see all of the sisters and see some of the ones who have become my super close friends. The theme was "We need women who.." Which was my favourite talk from October conference. It was so incredible to feel the spirit and to listen to the wonderful speakers. I am truly grateful for the women in my life who helped me become who I am, 

My mommy, my grandma, my sister, and melodee :) Of course there are others but these four have definitely showed me what its like to be a covenant keeping woman. They show me how to push through trials and to come out even stronger than I was before. They show me how important it is to have the gospel in my life. They all encouraged me to serve a mission and look at me now. I love it! I know that each of us have powerful potential that if we study the words of President Nelson and the other apostles and the prophet we can learn more on how to be stronger women in the church. I know that we are needed. I know the world is only going to get worse but that is the beauty of the gospel we can be the light in the darkness. I am now grateful for having served a mission. Im half way through and I still have so much to learn, but im grateful for what I already have learned. I know everything im learning in the mission field will apply to my future life and how I can help my future family. I also know by serving a mission I can acquire the qualities President Nelson spoke of. I know if we exercise our faith and strive to do what our Heavenly Father put us on earth to do then we can do it!! And He will help us do it. I hope you all had a great week. I love you all so much!

Sister Boiteux

Pictures :)

Went to physical therapy. No worries Mark taped my knee!! Its healing slowly :)

My sweet as hair done by one of our lovely investigators

Sister Graham. Still banished in Whangarei!

The generations.. Great grandma goes home tomorrow :(

the one, the only, Sister Smith!!! Love this sister so darn much!

Love this crazy Sister Lott too :)

Sister Lott and Sister Stokes.. Future Provo buddies!

SISTER CHRISTIANSEN.. still serving in Kaikohe #banishedfor6months

Sister Balli :)

Before we went to church.. You should have seen us after. Terrible because they did the floors in the gym and it about killed us [due to the smell]

Riding in the back of the car on the way to come and see!

What we currently look like while emailing in the toxic chapel..

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