Monday, April 18, 2016

Do You Believe It?

What an incredible opportunity it was to be able to listen to the Lords servants this past weekend. I know that you all were lucky and watched it last week but here in NZ we had to wait a week. It was well worth the wait. Always a sad day when conference is over just as Elder Holland was saying we didnt want tomorrow to come!!! 

I am so grateful for every message that was shared in conference. Especially since it was really focused on temple work, the spirit, and that we are children of God. Exactly a year ago I was able to go through the temple for my own endowment. I remember just being on such a spiritual high and so excited to make those sacred covenants with our Heavenly Father. The spirit that is felt in the temple is so special. The temple truly is the house of the Lord. Its my own personal Disneyland the happiest place on earth!!! I know how important it is to be worthy and to be clean to enter into the temple because those blessings and promises are priceless and they are worth it. I know one day everything im going through and everything I have done up to this point in my life is going to help me in the future. Not being trunky or anything but I truly cant wait to be able to enter into the temple with my celestially hot eternal companion and kneel at the altar and be able to receive that sealing covenant. It is a true blessing to be able to know that families can be together forever.  

There are so many things I want to share about what I learned in conference. It was just jam packed with spiritual awesomeness, but im not going to share it. Because the weeks after conference is when all of us can read our notes or go back and read the talks and ponder on what we learned, ponder on how we can become better children of God. I love conference time and I just love the gospel. I know that Thomas S. Monson is a true prophet of God that he does receive revelation for us. I know that our church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is Christ church here on earth. I know that because God loves us he sent us here in families and he gave us prophets and apostles to lead us home. I hope you all take time and go back and relive conference weekend and continue to grow and become more like the Saviour!!

Ofa atu,

Sister Boiteux


Ignore my grossness but Brother Eteru stopped by this morning and dropped off my package from my family! Thank you loved ones i miss you all heaps!

FHE with Bishop and his family. Definitely talked about marriage with our Bishop and his wife haha. Thats what happens when your companion goes home in a few months and all we talk about is marriage. 

 WE WENT TO THE ZOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

It was a rough P-day for certain reasons haha. The zone leaders had to go to the mission office so they brought back mail!! It is so nice to feel loved! People left me gifts! The zone leaders were also nice enough to buy me a stuffed elephant cause i kinda freaked out with happiness when i saw real elephants and then made us french toast because we had a comp study with them the next morning. #emmetttheelephant They are champs!
The Hans moved back to America. So we got to spend some time with them this week. Love that family!

When you stop to use the bathroom you have to take selfies. Cause pretty views.

The Hans moved back to America. So we got to spend some time with them this week. Love that family!

Trade off with Sister Cluff. Our sister training leaders are the best, such wonderful sisters that i look up to so much!

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