Monday, April 18, 2016

The Molly Mormon

HAPPY EASTER TO ALL YOU LUCKY AMERICANS!! It is Easter day for you and I hope it is full of family, fun, food, and of course the spirit. This seriously was thee greatest Easter I have ever had. The spirit was just so special yesterday. As we were listening to the speakers and the lessons we had I was pondering on my family and what they would be doing today, I was also thinking of what we have done in the past.. Story time..

My brother might not remember this story but I do. One year we were at a family Easter party. All the kids were out looking for easter eggs and I remember seeing one on a basketball hoop. I was pretty little and couldnt reach it. I remember my cousin trying to jump up and get the egg that I really really wanted. That is when my brother came over and got the egg for me. When I opened it it was full of money!!! Every kids dream right? But that story didnt really have an effect on me like it did yesterday. I related it to the Saviour. How when we want some thing so badly he is there to help us get it. I couldnt reach the egg on my own so my big brother had to come and help me. How wonderful is that? It is such an incredible thing to know that our Saviour, Jesus Christ is ALWAYS here for us. No matter what we have done in our life, no matter what we are going through, no matter what we think of ourselves He is always there and will never leave us. I hope you all take some time today to go to and watch the church's Easter initiative. I hope you all can find out what our Saviour can do for you. Follow Him. You can have new life. Just as the little chicks hatch out of their eggs, we can hatch out of our old life and into our new ones. The new one where Christ is in the center of it, where we start reaching outwards instead of inwards, where we try and make a difference in someones world. Please allow the atonement to make a difference in your life and come unto Christ. 

I am so grateful for the Easter season. I know Christ lives. I know He died and was then resurrected. I know it is only through Him can we return to our Heavenly Father. I know that no matter what we are going through He is always just one prayer away. The atonement is so powerful and personal to me and I cant even explain how much I love Jesus Christ. I know His church is restored today and I know that by following Him and starting a new life we will be forever blessed. Happy Easter. #hallelujah

Sister Boiteux

oh lol i didnt even explain the title of my email. In this zone I have earned the title as the "Molly Mormon." A sister that gets made fun of for trying to be obedient. One of the elders called me that the other day at a service. I was really pondering on why that was a bad thing. Why the terms Molly Mormon or Peter Priesthood are supposed to hurt someone. I am actually really grateful to have earned that title. All im doing is trying to be more like the Saviour. I lack so much. It is crazy to see all of my flaws and to see how much I can improve but I know I can do it. I know all of us can do it. Just like the rest of the email was talking about was letting Christ change us. Start a new life and follow him. I love when people call others by that name.  Why? Because it shows that they are doing what they are supposed to be doing. Of course we can always do better but as members of the church we should always be striving to become like Christ. I truly know that through the atonement we can all be changed. It has been a tough as week and something I said while on trade offs is "I can do all things." Sister Lott lovingly corrected me and said "No Sister Boiteux  you cant. You can do hard things. But you can do ALL things through Christ!" Amen to that statement. You can do all things through Christ! :) 


TRADE OFFS WITH SISTER LOTT IN TAMAKI!!! Greatest day ever! Im so grateful for this sister and love her with all my heart. 
Everyones face was crack up when they saw me back in Tamaki. Its a good feeling to know that you are loved. 

At a funeral.. the wind decided to break the umbrella.. 


The sunset

How I feel when I challenge the elders to do something and they actually do it :)

The typical missionary service wear

Utah power!!!

This is Sunshine. She is a ball of energy.

Puppy love :)

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